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    Currently we have SD and MMC cards, CompactFlash, MemoryStick...

    But what about a "traditional" storage system: MiniDisc ?

    Of course, a MiniDisc is quite big. But imagine an adapter, for example, which you can clip on the back of a Palm device. Besides, MiniDisc players are already quite small, so a clip-on drive should not be very big.

    However, the best feature of MiniDisc would be the price: A 150 MByte disc ist available for 2$ or less. Imagine how much a 128 MByte SD card or MemoryStick costs.

    Any comments?
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    Originally posted by weberflo
    Any comments?
    i have an MD player and love it. i've also wondered if it would be a format that would transfer to the visor. however, i believe that the power it takes to spin the disc makes it not feasible.

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    But a MD player can also play usually several hours. The power consumptionn should not be that big.

    However, you can use an IBM Microdrive on the TRG/HandEra 330. Such a drive does also have moving parts, but is still useful for Handheld computing.
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    it might make a good springboard slot, but it would be bulky and a powerhog
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    I thought md had about 300mb of data storage? an adaptor would be ideal, a 'drive' would be far to expensive/cumbersome compared to memory on chips. But wouldn't you need a special player anyway, eg a cd player can't play cd-roms?
    Alan Millar
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    No, a MD player could not play a data MiniDisc. As far as i know, there are no "MD-ROMs" available.
    But a drive would not be that expensive, i think. You can get a good Discman for 150$, or a good CD-ROM drive for 50$. So when you can get a good MD player for 250$, you should get a MD drive for 100$.

    Let's do some calculating: MemoryStick 64 MByte at Amazon for 140$.
    Or MD drive for 100$ and 20 MiniDiscs 150 MByte and 2$ (yes, they have 150 MByte, 75% less than a CD). Summary: You get 3 Gigs of storage capacity. I think that's enough for all software available at PalmGear.

    Yes, it would be a bit bulky. But it should not be much bigger than a MiniDisc itself. Look at the current MD players.

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