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    The rumor is T-Mobile will be launching the first Android phone which all likelyhood will be the HTC Dream.

    Here is the link

    I like T-Mobile customer service but the phone selection is very limited. Now I'm thinking about going back with T-Mobile if they will carry this phone. Google apps are great and I can't wait to see this phone out in the market. I'm a long time Palm user but sorry Palm, you're giving me too many resets on my 755p so it's time to move on.
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    And so you'd prefer to move to a first generation OS on a so so network? Good luck finding that phone that doesn't reset and is bug free.
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    I'm not going to jump on it right away. I'm sure every phone will have bugs and other quirks. I'll wait for the reviews before going forward with that. But knowing Google and its products (Picasa, Google Maps, Google Earth and many more); I have more confident with Android being an opened source product. Android, based on the Linux operating system, is free code that allows programmers to develop applications for mobile devices. Eventually there will be many free apps available for Android. I prefer Linux for the OS over Windows Mobile and Palm. Don't get me wrong, I still like Palm but I think it's showing its age.
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    Does the HTC Dream run on 3G? T-Mobile's network has been improving alot. 3G is coming to many metro areas this year. Maybe I will give it a 30 day trial when it comes out.
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    Yes, the HTC will run on 3G network. Here is a demo on you tube. I'm impressed with the device capble of running Quake at 30 fps. The phone has a core 3D graphic chip built-in. See it for yourself!
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    A Sprint phone is next. Supposed to be out early next year.
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    You know, if Palm launched Nova on that fugly thing, all the naysayers would be screaming about Palm is done, they can't design a phone, Engadget would be calling for its cancellation. Android looks very interesting indeed as a platform, but that phone is fugly. Functional but fugly. I'd rather have Garnet in a Treo Pro body.
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    Here is the link to prove it
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    From what I have read elsewhere: no sales in T-Mo stores that are beyond 1.5 miles outside their 3G coverage, no 3.5mm headphone jack, OS looks very 1.0.
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    I cannot believe the amount of hype this piece of crap is getting. At least the iphone was worth the hype. This G1 looks bad, has limited features, and what..perhaps 12 3g cities of coverage? Tmobile even wanted to impose a 1gb cap on data. LOL

    What in the world is google going to offer on this that you can't do already on a real smartphone? Search (lol)? Street view (and how useful is that really?).

    Big yawn, maybe it might be worth looking at in a few years. But this is what engadget (who ought to be ashamed with the amount of coverage their giving this crap phone) cried about that palm should embrace??

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