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    I want to ask all you "wise" PDA people out there a question. I'm a high school student pondering about buying a new PDA. I've decided on the Sony Clie, and will buy it this week, BUT I have some doubts...

    1. Is the Clie worth buying right now?
    (Would if someone comes out with MP3 capability on their new models....handspring or anyone else...they would use CF probably, or all types of media)

    2. Is it worth it to buy memory sticks for the clie now?
    (A 64MB CF or SmartMedia card is $40! at frys...) The cheapest I can find a 64 MB memory stick is $70...128 MB is $160....I can find a 128 MB CF card for $100.

    3. The clie is the first of its you think it will "last" as in, be top dog for quite some time? or not...?

    I'm not dissing the clie at all...I just want to make sure the clie is a worthy investment, its not exactly cheap for me...and that it will last me through this year, it needs to last me at least a year if not longer. Thanks in advance to everyone!

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    My brother-in-law just bought one, and it's pretty nice. Fancy looking, and if you're a Sony person...this is a must. My bro-in-law is very into Sony products.

    We loaded some color pictures on it, and they don't look that nice because of the resolution. Although it's much better than my Visor Deluxe, the screen still has limitations.

    We loaded some MP3s on it, and it worked fine. Installation was pretty easy too.

    Personally, I want a PDA that could provide expandability for me. I'm using a wireless modem (it rocks!) for my VDX, so I couldn't switch to the Sony. I also like the different options I get with having a Visor...all the different modules, etc. Sony doesn't have that much in Memory Stick modules at this time. Also, MP3 player is cool, but I think I could get a full featured stand-alone player for a good price and still have a nice PDA.

    If you love Sony, then get this Clie. For me, I'm going to stick with Handspring and all it's cool expandable modules. Looking forward to the Color Edge!

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    If you want a Palm device, plus you listen to a lot of music . . . the Clie N710c is for you. I use this thing everyday. Its really easy to get music on the memorystick. If you are balking at the price, there are third party makers of the Memorystick and prices should be dropping soon enough. Another plus is if you have other Sony devices that have MS ports you can utilize them as well. The screen is the best around and I am certain within a couple of months year there will be many other apps that support the hires.

    Truly think about what you want to do. Then decide what device meets your needs.

    I love my Clie 710
    It's all about how you spend the money.
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    here's a little shameless flames please...

    I have a Clie 710c package for sale (bought a used car that needs some rather pricey repairs)

    It includes a Targus StowAway keyboard, the sony USB MS reader and a 64 MB Memory Stick plus the CLie MacPack if you'er a Mac user.

    I'm asking 595, shipped. Retail is over $750 for everything. It's about two months new and in near perfect shape. Screen is absolutely flawless.

    Email me at truthusmc@hotmail if interested. I'll send a link to some picts.

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    It is the best PDA that I have used (an I have used them all - still own most of them ). It is definitely worth the money for me. I can't say if it would be worth it for you.

    Would you use the MP3 capabilities?

    Do you like the hi-res fonts?

    Would you rather have something thinner like the m505 or the Edge?

    Do you have $500 to blow on a PDA (not counting accessories)?

    For me, the answers said to get the Clie.
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    Wow...I would be up for that if I didn't have a Prism. Good price.
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    Originally posted by creole
    Wow...I would be up for that if I didn't have a Prism. Good price.
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    Thanks Guys...

    Yes, I will be using the MP3 capability, and hi-res would be very nice. Size doesn't matter for me, I came from a IIIc... As for money, I'm getting the clie for $300, a friend of mine works for Sony...sorrie, cant help you guys out!!! I think it'll definately be very worth it, you guys put away my last concerns, well, one more. You think if I buy a memory stick, it might drastically drop in price say in the next 2 months? Dont wanna buy a 64 MB stick for $100 now, and in like 2 months it drops to $50 . Well, thanks for all your replies! I'll be going for the clie, and with a $300 price tag, its gonna be great!

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    I just want to make sure the clie is a worthy investment
    Define 'worthy'. It all comes down to personal decisions. No one can tell you if a new technology is a worthy investment for you.

    If you are asking if it will hold its monetary value, then the answer is no. If you are asking if something bigger and better will come along soon, the answer is yes. If you are asking if it is the right machine for you, well, no one can really answer that.

    But, at $300, I CAN say you are getting a deal.

    You think if I buy a memory stick, it might drastically drop in price say in the next 2 months?
    We could guess, but that's all it would be...a guess. One thing with the memory sticks is that it is a Sony technolgy, so there is less market influence on those than would be on more open forms of memory. So, I'm sure it will go down. Will it go down 50% in two months? Hard to say, but I doubt it.
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    Prices are always going to go down after you buy something. THe only way tp protect yourself from this is to do your research before you buy it. Get the lowest price possible at the time.

    You can't control pricing after you buy it so don't fret about it.
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    Three Hundred bucks is an awesome deal..I think you'll love the Clie...especially at that price!

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