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    I love my Centro, but am looking hard at the Diamond or Pro

    Centro Pros - Large easy to use buttons, customized, one handed, need touch screen

    Diamond - Larger screen, large easy to use buttons, can customize, one handed, has touch screen

    Didn't like wm on Touch (needed stylus and glasses to operate) but Diamond looks promising with larger screen and 3DTouch

    Then processor of Diamond vs Pro - is Pro that much better for normal user who won't reprogram the phone? Can live with 4g, that is same size card I have now. Size is sweet, but don't know if I will miss querty which means Pro

    If I am making the jump, what have you experienced or think. I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking this.

    Thoughts or experience, and yes, I know I can buy and trade up in 30 days.
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    Its difficult to say until we see some reviews of the actual sprint HTC devices (assuming that is the network).

    I would say at this point that its a nobrainer to get a diamond or touch pro over the centro. The harder thing may be deciding between those two.

    Screen..not only larger but much much better than the centro's. Opera browser is a huge plus on it. Plus a few more features. Virtual kb i'm not sure about though. But the slideout pro creates some cons in itself. I think it comes down to can the kb be used easily enough in the diamond without needing the slideout.

    One more thing, i doubt sprint has the touch pro out in under 30 days from the diamond. They'd be stupid to do that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post

    One more thing, i doubt sprint has the touch pro out in under 30 days from the diamond. They'd be stupid to do that.
    Diamond on Sept. 14th, Pro Oct. 19th - but who says you HAVE to buy the Diamond in the 14th? Wait a week or two.
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    Anyone hear of when the HTC Touch Pro is coming out. I think that will be the best of both worlds and am really looking forward to seeing this unit. The sliding keyboard is now going to make it easier for right handers to use as the Mogul slides to the right and when you turn it the stylus is taken out on the left side and you have to change hands with it to do anything. My understanding is the keyboard is the big difference between the Diamond and the Touch Pro and it's available soon on Sprint:
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    I don't think that the Diamond/Touch Pro's screen is larger than the Touch... more pixels, yes, VGA vs QVGA, but physically larger, no... both are 2.8". Its the physical size, not number of pixels, that relates to ease of soft keyboard usage, if that is what you are looking for... But sure, its always nice to have more pixels, provided it doesn't slow down your screen updates (4X the video bandwidth/pixel pushing power needed), and worsen the video/movie viewing experience.
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    I really want the Touch Pro. I just switched to the Centro from a PPC6700 and terribly miss the huge slide out keyboard, the larger, higher resolution screen, and wifi. Plus, I prefer windows mobile and the Opera Browser.

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