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    I have an iPhone and I'm beginning to hate not having... copy & paste, cannot copy data to it (like memory card), no global find, 2.0 deleted all of my notes as they do not sync with a PC... it's just driving me nuts right now waiting for features.

    I am looking at a Moto Q9 Global or Treo Pro. I understand that the WinOS's are a minor bit different and the Treo Pro is a touch screen.

    All I want to do is... Sync: notes, appts, contacts with Outlook 2003... Search: notes, appts, contacts (ie. global search)... get access to websites with a broswer that supports Javascript (Javascript needed for a few sites)... ability to "stream audio" files from net via browser once in a while... Google maps.

    I could wait for the Treo Pro, but will I gain any feature beside WiFi & touchscreen if I wait?

    What are your thoughts?

    Where I came from... I used Palms for 8+ years... but I don't want to keep buying Palm apps if they will not be compatible with Nova (once it comes out).

    PS. I also want copy and paste. Can the Q do this?
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    The Q can copy or paste, but with a third party app. WM Standard 6.1 added copy and paste, but unfortunately, that's only with the built in email and web browser apps.

    If that's that important a feature, you probably do want a touchscreen honestly, because it makes it so much better. I don't even have a copy-paste app on my Q9c (the CDMA version) because I never found myself using it because it was so inconvenient. No global find on either WM version that I know of though. (I never used that on Palm myself anyway though, so I never looked.)
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    Been on a PalmOS treo for years. Work got me a MotoQ but I just returned my Q to my IT department after 5 weeks. I agree a touchscreen is better.

    Also, after moving to WM6.1 to get the copy/paste, it's not available in every app and introduced a bug with multiple copies of emails being sent using the Exchange 2007 server. There is supposedly a fix but IT dept won't implement until the beta becomes a stable release at the end of Dec.

    Battery drain was huge as well.

    My centro comes in tomorrow.
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    These are problems faced basically due to Motorola's customization on this WM6...
    1) You cannot create any sms folder with this phone. I cannot understand why motorola did that.
    2) Runs quite warm especially the battery compartment
    3) Battery drains out fast since it's quite fun to use
    4) Cannot duplicate appointments in calendar. It just handicaps you in a lot of scheduling work.
    5) Pictures taken are blurry
    Using a Centro with free ActiveSync at
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    While it's good to get other people's opinions, sort out your own as well. I always compare buying a smartphone (or any phone) to buying a car--if you'll be the one driving it, you want it to be comfortable and suit your needs, regardless of whether it's a good fit for someone else.

    I suggest you go to a store (or more than one if need be) with live demo units. This can mean non-AT&T stores too, since it's the Windows Mobile interface you're looking to test out. I'd test out using the latest Moto Q and the combination of a Samsung Epix and Fuze/other slider to stand in for the Treo Pro, since most stores won't have the Pro. The Epix will be relatively close to the Pro in most respects like screen and keyboard.

    Of course, if you know someone with a Pro and can borrow it to try, so much the better.

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