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    Hello everyone, I have a question for you.

    I've had my Treo 680 for about 2 years now, and it's having some problems that are preventing me from making any calls (internal Mic doesn't work, headset jack is messed up). Not to mention, it's dented, dinged, scratched, gouged, and just worn. So I'm now in the market for a new phone. I want to stick with Palm, mainly for the ease of porting my contacts/memos/calendar over to whatever phone I get (but if you have a suggestion of a different phone, I'd prefer some sort of program to do the transfers for me). But also the problem with a different OS is the fact that Palm is one of the only phones I know of that has countless programs for download online.

    I just bought a Palm Centro off of eBay, only to realize it doesn't have a sim card. Great... So now I get to sell it again. I looked at the GSM versions (I'm on T-Mobile, and would like to stay here) and noticed they're at least $60 more.

    Anyways, I would like to see what you guys would recommend for me to purchase, as this whole "not being able to call anyone" shenanigans is pissing me off.
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    second hand 680?
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    If you sync with Outlook then putting your contacts and diary onto a new device shouldn't be an issue...

    I must have the wrong end of the stick, but you write that you can't put the SIM in your current 680 into the Centro? In the UK at least, we only have the GSM network; I bought a Treo 680 direct from Palm and use the SIM my mobile network provided.

    That all said, another 680 could be a good stop gap or a Centro; depending on what you eventually want to do. They're similar devices; the 680 will probably be cheaper but - arguably - not quite as good. I have a 680 and Charlie has a Centro; she loves the Centro's small size and general handiness, I love the PalmOS aspect of the 680 and can cope with the larger size of it.

    If my 680 died right now, I would probably buy a new Centro to replace it. I deliberately bought the 680 when it was late in the day and it's my intention to keep it until the warranty expires (next February). If there's a PalmOS device I fancy then and I have the cash to burn, then maybe...

    Do you have a Bluetooth wireless headset? That could work for calls.

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