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    I like my iPhone (famous original version), but I've spent over a year hoping various software annoyances would change, and they haven't. No cut and paste, the calendar won't allow tasks or snoozing, no mms, the usual bits. I'm tired of carrying an old iPaq 1945 around to manage my calendar and an's time to recombine again.

    I've had major E71 lust, but I can't justify paying that much for a phone right now, especially since I want to keep the iPhone (as software updates improve and roll out things might change for me.)

    So, anyhow. I am on AT&T, and willing to wait out some of the fall rollouts, but looking for a bit of guidance. Here's what I need from my phone, and a few thoughts on what phones I've glanced over so far:

    -Good PIM. This is mostly my personal calendar, with a few work items thrown in, so I'm mostly looking for categories, good to-dos, and easy item entry. I'm on a mac and familiar with Missing Sync, and I've used Pocket Informant and Agendus before, so 3rd party add-ons are fine too.
    -Threaded SMS would be nice.
    -3G (I've lived without it just fine, but if I'm going to change phones it seems uber-silly not to get one that's going to have it.)
    -Decent 3rd party selection of the usual subjects; smattering of games, ebook program availability (nothing intense, but for the occasional stuck in line type reading)
    -The one app I'd love to have: a flexible, easy to use workout tracker. I can do without one, but it'd be great if one existed.
    -Wifi if possible.

    I don't care much about a touchscreen or GPS, though I know they're going to be options on many of the phones that fit my needs. I was thinking of the Blackjack (2 or 3), the Moto Q, the Blackberry Bold, and possibly the Touch Pro (though since it will probably debut at a ridiculous price it might not be worth it.) Hoping to pay 200 or less, just because many of my requirements are pretty easy to meet and I'm not super style picky.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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    sounds like you need a palm device; try a centro!

    the built in PIM is user friendly right out of the box and is further enhanced with Datebk 6. There are endless 3rd party apps for you to fully personalize your device and many very good apps are freeware!

    Centro does threaded SMS, has solid internet access, no Wifi, but Wifi IS available on the Treo Pro if you want to deal with windows. Personally I'm with Sprint and don't se a need for wifi since I have excellent reception and access via the builtin browser.

    Centro's processor is fast, with a lot of user memory as stock or upgradable with a microSD card.

    You can even get a larger battery for it if you are a power user or will be in the field for over 10 or twelve hours and want to play your Mp3s and yak on the phone for hours and hours.

    Work out trackers are available freestanding or from smartlist.

    If you need word, powerpoint, PDF or excel files the Centro can not only display them but you can edit them on the fly!

    Screen resolution is awesome. The treo pro has a flush screen if you are hooked on that. The Centro's screen is inset.

    Personally I like the easy access keyboard - which by the way you can assign various apps or contacts to practically any of the keys for quick launch!

    The Centro realy is a little power house and now comes in many nice colors!

    Try one - you'll like it!

    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!
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    If I were on a CDMA carrier then a Centro would probably be ok for me. I've used Palms before, and had a Treo 650 before the iPhone. Frankly, the major reason why I am not interested in a centro right now is that I don't want another EDGE phone, and I am tied to AT&T. Good thought though.
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    The Treo Pro is gonna be an awesome phone. Windows Mobile is a perfectly fine piece of software. Once you add some needed software, that phone will rock.
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    Or perhaps the htc touch pro
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    htc touch hd
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    Quote Originally Posted by dannzeman View Post
    htc touch hd
    That phone sure does look nice. Who knows when it will be released in the US tho...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scientific View Post
    That phone sure does look nice. Who knows when it will be released in the US tho...
    My best guess is that one could buy it online in 3 months and that att will pick it up in 8 months,,,,,,, thats just and averaged guess from the last 30 or 40 pieces of info I've read,,,,,,,, which is worth a little more than zilch
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    Unfortunately it looks as though the Touch HD will not make it to the US.

    My choice would be the ATT Fuze (HTC Touch Pro) Picking mine up as soon as it hits. Rumored for Oct. 23 for ATT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scientific View Post
    That phone sure does look nice. Who knows when it will be released in the US tho...
    Not coming to the US. And I'd go for the Treo Pro or the HTC Fuze aka Touch Pro. Now it just depends on if you are looking for one handed operation or not. If you are the Treo Pro is the way to go. If not go for the Fuze.
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    yes everybody on here has got the right idea.. Touch HD will be the first real iPhone killer, but until then if you got close to a grand touch pro, if not go the treo pro
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    There are lots of iPhone killers in the market today. IMO, The iPhone is all about the bling factor and still lacks a lot of features that other phones have. The htc touch sounds a good replacement but so is the Samsung Omnia or the soon to be released BlacKberry Storm.
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