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    Today, the news broke that the HTC Dream, the first handset to run Android (aka "the Google Phone") has been approved by the FCC. In the documents provided, it appears that we have now a release date for this highly anticipated phone: November 10th, 2008.

    HTC Dream will offer the following features:

    * Touch screen
    * Full Qwerty keyboard
    * 3G/ WiFi
    * Full HTML internet capabilities
    * Easy access to all Google applications (Gmail, Gtalk, search)
    * Maps
    * Street view
    * YouTube
    * Phone
    * IM/Text
    * Email
    * Camera 3.0mp; no flash
    * Video (playback only, no recording)
    * Music player & 1GB memory card pre-loaded
    * Applications, all available in Google marketplace (icon on the homescreen)

    Engadget adds that the Dream will also offer Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR compliance and has a "jogball"
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    Did i see somewhere that google wants to give you ads for a reduced price? Can't say i want ads of any kind delivered on a phone.

    Tmobile store for apps & music as well i heard. That kind of doesn't make it possible for me to even try out one then.

    This may only apply to me but i live in an area that Sprint dominates with evdo rev a coverage (30 miles from Louisville). It's much faster than 3g. While i'm glad Tmobile is doing what is best for them, i'd like to see Sprint get something similar going. Instinct wasn't the answer.

    As it is, i can only use 3g for at&t (iphone) when in Louisville for work or play. Otherwise it's edge all around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Did i see somewhere that google wants to give you ads for a reduced price? Can't say i want ads of any kind delivered on a phone.
    I've never seen that. Lame rumor at best.
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    Wouldn't like ADs on my phone either
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    Quote Originally Posted by beachtrader View Post
    I've never seen that. Lame rumor at best.
    There's plenty of stories out there that say as much. This seems to be the origin of at least some of them:

    The phone will come with Google’s advertising software pre-installed. Customers who opt in to receive mobile ads from Google may be offered to buy the phone for a lower price, and may also pay lower monthly service fees. The Google platform will serve ads based on your interests and location, provided by the phone.
    It would depend on how it's done, but I pretty much hate advertising in all forms so I expect I'd hate whatever it is Google has in mind. Almost certainly, I'd pay the extra to avoid the ads.
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    I really think the Android platform is nothing special at all. Try the emulator yourself before you decide to buy this phone or not though. Its part of the SDK.
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    hype hype hype

    that's Android right now

    at best, it's promising to do what we are all already doing with our phones right now; at worst it'll be a dumbed down version of what we have now (plus ads! wooo...)

    but it'll have plenty of eye candy to make lot of people go "oohh" and "ahhh!" (just add a swish here, a whoosh there), plus if they make the device shiny black everyone will be sold.

    Consumers are simple things really. But hey, it's competition and will expand the market so "yay!"

    Plus it'll give WM developers something else to copy as they've beaten the iPhone clones to death already. They need some more "inspiration" to rip off, lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    but it'll have plenty of eye candy to make lot of people go "oohh" and "ahhh!"
    That's honestly all Android seems to be right now from using the emulator. A fancy touchscreen interface over a unimpressive backbone.
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    To add to the problems for Android:

    Apparently there are no longer any Bluetooth APIs in the SDK.
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    Geez - why don't they just drop OS support for the cellular radio while they're at it?
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    Here is the link for those of you want to try it out
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    That thing is ugly.
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    No 3.5mm headphone jack and where's the Bluetooth? Not very media oriented IMO. Not business oriented either, no Office Document viewer/editor.
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    This is the early stage of Android phones. I'd wait for the next version or at least different companies coming out with different styles of phone. Right now we have limited choices of phones running on Android. Like the Treo when we first have the 600 then now the 755p, Centro and the Pro; they kept improving. So if anyone wants to jump ahead and try it out, we'd love to hear about it. If not we can always wait for those reviews before making our own decisions to go forward with a new phone.

    I'm excited of Android not because of the phone but because it's an opened-source which means eventually there will be thousands of apps available just like Palm OS. Iphone started the revolution but in a restricted environment. Android will take that further and with Google being the company that leads this project; I'd say this will be a very good OS as it improves further.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nutech View Post
    This is the early stage of Android phones.
    TRANSLATION: This is a half-baked phone released well before it was ready.

    It certainly is a far cry from Android's potential - it also will be the first thing people think of when they're thinking of Android for a long time to come.
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    Wife and I are T-Mo subscribers. I've ordered 2 G1's, to replace my 650 and her 680. I've been a Palm user about as long as possible -I still have a US Robotics branded PalmPilot (the very first Palm PDA) in a drawer somewhere. We passed on iPhones due to the lack of a hardware keyboard.

    Kupe may call the G1 "a half-baked phone released well before it was ready", which may prove to be true. But OTOH, Palm is old and tired and out of date, both hardware and software, IMO. We're both tired of the endless resets, worthless audio player, and flimsy hardware. The Pro may be great, but Palm hardware isn't carried widely, and is priced out of the market.

    I was an early Palm adopter and have been a loyal Palm user for 10+ years, but it's time to move on... Android holds the same promise that Palm did all those years ago, and delivered on for quite some time. But sadly, I think Palm's past its prime. I fully expect that Android will deliver. I'm looking forward to the G1's landing on 10/22.
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    android may deliver, but not right now. I don't get it. Crap audio player on the palm? It works. From what i've heard, the g1's is crappy. Who the heck cares about album art? I want the player to play music and stream. It does that.. Throw some software on it and it has stereo BT.

    Palm is old, tired, and out of date? Last i checked, it does most of the things anyone really needs and does some better than anyone else (still) while in other things, not so well. Texting comes to mind. Palm has a great app. Call Rec records phone calls. Email is pretty simple yet powerful. Countless 3rd party apps.

    It's one thing to be excited about new tech. But its not fair to trash palm in the process. Street view maps? Great if you can find a 3g area with tmobile. It's pathetic. The G1 is very limited as even the "tired, outdated" palm has many more features.

    Wife has the centro, i had one for about a year. I do look occasionally for something to replace hers on sprint. Hasn't came about yet. So much for palm's tired OS. Although will look at the touch pro. But IMO, this android phone isn't worth looking at. Maybe in another year or so perhaps it may improve to compete with the feature phones.
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    I want it to succeed and develop for it, I really like the SDK. The G1 is a bizarre device, and a slide-out keyboard has always been a questionable choice, kinda like a nerdy idea that has nothing to do with usability. I'm waiting to see what other carriers and devices are coming.

    I would really love to see a device offered with a data only plan and complete openness, on a 3G network. Android is probably not heading there.
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