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    There is a joke in Telcom that you could sit at the same desk for 10 years and work for 4 companies. Well....I've been a Palm, Treo and now Centro guy before I could remember. The simplicity of combining contacts, daily planner and e-mail just seemed like a natural process for me and like others here we've grown with Palm but lately I was beginning to feel like the OLD guy in the club. So I decided to grab me a Blackberry Curve and see if I needed to get JIGGY with it!

    The BB Curve is a SEXY device with it's big screen, small stature and OMG beautiful qwerty board. I thought for certain my Centro was gone to the wind until I began to play.

    The e-mail experience is VERY nice but I found it to be disappointing. The non-html threading let me know it wasn't ahead of versamail by LEAPS and BOUNDS. I guess I just expected way MORE.

    The OS lacked. I struggled to define what was lacking but I finally came up with it. BB was meant to read e-mail. It wasn't designed to be used as an input device IMHO. I could go on and on about how cumbersome it felt compared to Palm and I'm quite certain BB supporters will tell me about a number of different shortcuts or some apps that'll make my experience better but no need.

    For now I'm going back the to the Centro (I LOVE THIS PHONE) and returning the Curve. I think I'll wait for the BOLD to drop on Sprint and then see if the gap has been closed. I'll tell you this...Palm is clearly dying a slow death and when I see Agendus starting to build on the BB platform it worries me that my beloved Palm will become no more than a Windows Mobile device maker.

    Thanks for taking the time to hear me rant. Peace!!!
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    My experiences of the 8300 Curve kinda mirror yours; I spent six months with one before finally deciding that I wanted to hand it back to my employers and buy my own device. I write "kinda" because I find BlackBerry devices are really good email devices and the Curve was (is) an excellent 'phone too, but I could not get to grips with the BlackBerry personal information application applications but I fully accept that I input more than I output on my PDA and I have used DateBk+ for some time now, so I'm spoilt by it...

    I bought a Treo, deliberately late in the product cycle. I miss the Curve's battery life, voice recognition and automatic screen brightness. Overall I am happier with the Treo 680 but I accept that this is probably more than I'm a PalmOS fan boy than anything else. I'm satisfied that in six months I tried very hard to make the Curve work for me, too...
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    I loved my curve but I also dropped it. I loved the email reliability. I had HTML email with the leaked update and I even preferred the calender application over WM and palm. I missed having a touch screen and I missed all my great WM apps. The inaccuracy of the GPS drove me nuts along with the low amount of internal memory.
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    Well for me, nothing pales in comparison to the minimum $30/month BB data plan required on Sprint. Hell nada i said to myself, not when Vision is costing me $10/month on my WinMo Treo.

    October 19th is so far away though.......
    .....Life is But Such Sweet Sorrow.....

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