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    For those of you who want to introduce your parents, grandparents or young children to PDA technology: I just picked up a Royal brand 384kb RAM PDA at Costco for only $25 (no rebate or nothin'.) It has propriatory versions of Palm's clock, address book, schedule, todo list, calculator & instead of a hot sync, it's called "pc link." It also claims to be Outlook compatible. The package comes with the PDA, a cradle, "pc link" serial cable, batteries & two styli. I'll review it's functions & performance if there is any interest. Again it was only $25!
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    how big is it?

    yeah, i wrote that ...
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    Well, this little item is cheap (in more ways than one...) the software is not intuative at all...I messed with the Royal "Excelsior" for about 20 minutes without learning much other than this was going to be a ***** to make work. With my first Visor, I opened the box, installed the desktop & had a half-dozen apps including Avantgo & Fireviewer loaded & ready to go. But again, for only $25 I'm going to make this cheapie work for me, dammit!
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    Originally posted by namja
    how big is it?
    Much smaller than a Visor...about 2 7/8" wide by 4" tall with a curved Palm-like bottom. About 1cm thick including a plasitc flip-cover. I'll see if I can find a product pic...
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    I see on they have some pretty wild packages for their very cheap organizers, but no refference to the "Excelsior" model yet. It wasn't at Costco last weekend...but they had a couple/few hundred of these there today.
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    I used to own a 1Mb Royal Davinci before I switched to the Visor.
    Not a bad unit for a beginner, but with limitations: no IR, strange OS, different grafiti...
    I had one with the old OS but due to a lost lawsuit they had to change the OS since the old one looked too much like Palm OS.

    It was my way to test if I would use a PDA without spending a fortune...
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    OrangeDeluxe, if I bought that, is there a way to move info from my Visor (or Palm Desktop) to that unit? Also, is the graffiti the same?

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    It appears the only way to transfer data is to copy & paste text from the device's "PC Link" desktop program to your Palm desktop & vice-versa. The organizer doesn't have graffiti, only a touch-screen keyboard. Also there is only 6 lines of display. To experienced PDA owners this device would be more of a toy.
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