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    We can learn a lot from the iPhone's extreme need to conserve battery life. The iPhone's non-removable battery design is one of it's many achille's heels. I couldn't stop LOL while driving and listening to the podcast. Here's what cNet suggests:
    - turn off 3G (or Rev.A)
    - turn off wi-fi
    - turn off GPS
    - turn off push mail (Sprint Email)
    - turn off bluetooth (a pain to go to settings on the iPhone?)
    - turn off radio (airplane mode)
    - turn off vibrate
    - turn off EQ
    - turn on AutoLock
    - lower brightness
    - cycle battery (drain, full charge)

    If you do all the above, then what's the point of having such an expensive phone and "premium" (AT&T's overpriced) service? Most of the time, you can't take receive calls, emails, text, voicemail alerts, etc. It also sounds like you have to put way more effort into changing the settings on an iPhone than a Treo. I actually started trying out some of the tips like turning off vibrate on most of the alerts, disabling push email, and I already use AutoLock and cycle the battery whenever possible. I'm just glad the 800w has a removable and upgradable battery.

    #1 power saving tip: do not use the iPhone to make phone calls, because it will drain the battery.

    The Pirillo iPhone problems (even after four hard resets):
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    lol, i mean it's all true but funny to see it all in a row like that

    I have heard the iPhone 3g is pretty terrible for battery life (or, rather, just like every other 3g device out there).

    But, as you mention, at least we can swap batteries. Or turn screen brightness down with 2 keys (Opt + P), turn wifi on/off with one button, click BT on with 3 clicks, etc, making power management very easy on our device.

    ps the Pirillo vid is hilarious
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    cup & string
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    Admittedly, I've made some tweaks to extend battery life on my 800w (the disablepowermanagement registry hacks, keeping the backlight as low as comfortable, keeping WiFi off when I'm not using it, etc.). But on the other hand, I deliberately do things I know eat battery (use the screen saver, keep BT on 24/7, both volumes at max, a lot of A2DP use). I carry a spare battery in Palm's little portable microUSB charger, but I've only used it once. I'm definitely not "hypermiling" to get what I consider perfectly acceptable battery life.

    I have to wonder what the "800w battery sucks" crowd expects...
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    I just turn off 3G when I'm at the office and don't really need internet access.

    The funny thing is that the day after I updated to 2.0.1 on my iPhone 3G, the battery life was GREAT. I used it a lot that day and was only down to about 40% by 11pm - that was about 15-16hrs of unplugged use. Kept 3G on the entire time too, brightness was 75%, etc. Now, battery life is back down in the dumps.
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    All I do is turn off wifi and I am getting great battery life. I would say three times as long as my 700 P. It will last two to three days with moderate use.
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    My 3G battery life has been better than my first generation battery life. I think it's because it spends less time polling to try and get reception.
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    I turn off location based services and get pretty good battery life. The 3G is the biggest battery killer. If I turn it off, I get the same battery life I did with my original iPhone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    ps the Pirillo vid is hilarious
    I subscribe to a dozen various podcasts and this Pirillo show is one of the most dynamic (wide ranging topics; featured regularly on CNN). Is there a WMExpert podcast discussion thread posted somewhere in the forums?

    Quote Originally Posted by B04W View Post

    who copied who's copy?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Kirvin View Post
    Admittedly, I've made some tweaks to... the disablepowermanagement registry hacks... I carry a spare battery in Palm's little portable microUSB charger...
    I completely forgot about that registry hack... I need to look into it, thanks. Yep, we should be able to enjoy our fully featured WM devices. When I had a 700wx w/ Seido extended battery, there were days I still needed to carry a spare oem battery. When I'm at sporting events, I use video streaming to monitor the live webcast, make a ton of phone calls, tons of texting, and have to switch the batteries near the end of the day... then continue making phone calls and texting at night. I can't use the Sprint power pack because it's not practical to carry a bulky device attached to the phone via a charging cable. Especially when I'm on my feet the entire day. The portable microUSB charger sounds like something I can leave connected to a power source (in the truck, any random ac outlet, etc.), then swap batteries as often as necessary. Unfortunately, I don't have a spare battery right now and still waiting to order the extended battery (HURRY UP SEIDO!!). For example, I've been listening to the WMExpert podcasts all day today (Episodes 15, 14, 13, 12, currently on 11), but I'm constantly going in and out of the office, so it's hard for me to keep the phone plugged in for a continous, uninterrupted charge cycle. Plus, it's bad for the battery when I keep randomly charging, unplugging, charging a dozen times a day. It can really mess up the battery life and cause permanent damage or "wear & tear". Now that the NFL is streaming games live on lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobileman View Post
    I turn off location based services and get pretty good battery life.
    Does turning these off actually make any difference - I mean do any location services actually run in the background? I have good battery life and the only thing I have turned off is the Wifi 'Ask to Join Networks' thing, and that's because I find the pop-up annoying rather than anything to do with battery conservation. I suspect the fact that 95% of the time I'm either in an area with very strong 3G signal or in an area with no 3G signal but very strong 2G signal may help.
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    I found that turning off beam receive and turning off wifi until I actually need it made the biggest differences in my battery life. I leave BT and location based services on all the time and it doesn't make that much difference. I'm also using the "disablepowermanagement=0" hacks.
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