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    I've got to say I'm sorry to see Psion leave the PDA market, as their devices were quite good.

    I'm amazed that none of the articles on the subject mentioned their abysmal customer service in the US.
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    Well, there's no doubt they made a lot of missteps. Poor marketing, poor customer service being big ones.

    A big one was not developing a PDA with the Palm form-factor, and instead sticking to a clamshell/keyboard layout. Jeff Hawkins gets the credit for coming up with the right form factor to appeal to the most users. MS hasn't had much luck with the clamshell/keyboard combo either - Windows CE/Pocket PC didn't start to gain acceptance until they copied Hawkins innovation.

    That said, I've taken advantage of their woes to buy a Macko with a modem for less than $150 bucks. Another person's misery is sometimes an opportunity. Now if UPS could just extract their collective head from their collective nether regions and deliver the thing, I'd be a happy camper.

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