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    Remember the meme that developed around criticism of Centro's plastic casing when it came out? Then we heard not a word about the iPhones plastic? Well, it seems new iPhone cases are cracking.
    It's under warranty at this point, so iPhone owners can still do an exchange or simply relax in having the iPlanned Obsolescence Cycle revealed so quickly.:-)
    To contrast this with the Centro, a real estate friend bought one from my recomendation in November. It gets abused regularly, it's been dropped, scraped, and quite literally treated like a key on a keychain. I saw it recently and wanted to call a phone abuse service! It's gotten none of the love my pampered Treo gets. Yet, no cracks, no problems!
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    The 3G's back is probably made of the same plastic as the mac cube :-)
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    The 3G's back is probably made of the same plastic as the mac cube :-)
    lmao, or the Macbooks. My sister's White Macbook has developed a hairline crack on the edges of the surface around the keyboard.
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