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    I noticed Style Tap mentioned a few replies ahead. I went ahead and registered it as a matter of necessity in order to run one Palm OS application I frequently use. The bad thing about it though is I have not been able to convert the data files back to a Palm OS format for storage and use with the Palm OS application. In addition, Style Tap does not support the 5-way key.
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    I assume you can use it as a trial? I have one or two programs I'd HAVE to have if at all possible. And I gather Styletap doesn't exist for the BB.

    One additional thing I discovered in talking to our IT nazis. If I go with the 800W, if the phone is unused for 20 minutes it automatically locks and I need a four digit password to unlock it. While it is locked I can't make any phone calls. The BB will also lock, but I can make and receive phone calls without unlocking it. Frankly, it irritates me considerably that they have the right to lock my phone just so I can have access to my work email. But it is what it is.
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