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    I've been toying with the idea of jumping ship from Palm OS and the Treos, as much as it galls me to even consider. I've been a Palm guy since the very first Palm Pilots shipped.

    Needless to say, I have a LOT of data on my Palm. Calendar and ToDo's are no big deal, but my contacts and memos are hugely important. Memos can be dealt with manually if need be, since there aren't too many to cope with, but I'm really worried about contacts.

    The iPhone is the primary candidate here, but I'm moderately open to BB or possibly something else not Windows Mobile.

    My main worry with the iPhone (ok, one of many, but the immediate concern) is the majority of my over 1k contacts have notes of some sort filled in. Notes about the person, hours the place is open, directions, old email addresses, you name it... definitely major notes for nearly every contact. From what I've seen, the iPhone does NOT have a way for all of this information to migrate over... am I wrong? Does anything else, or am I stuck on the Palm platform forever as a result?
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    I changed my sync method on my Treo 755p from the Palm desktop to Outlook. . . . ( you have to do this via the Palm install disk) . . . . and as far as I know, everything moved to Outlook. . . . and then all contact info moved to the iPhone when I did that sync (even notes attached to the contacts) .. . . .but on the first sync with the iPhone you want "desktop" to overwrite the iPhone, then you can set it at sync and leave it there.

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