A recent "toy" I have been playing with on my data card for my laptop is Torrents... I will be in trouble if sprint DOES decide to limit the usage since last month they showed I downloaded 22gig of data...

However with my new laptop in place with the card I have seen speeds of up to 300k a second (3 meg connection) with this Wireless card.

Seems to try to average at 150kb/s when downloading torrents(1.5 meg connection.)

I have seen simular to the 150kb/s speeds though with firefox's "download them all".

If I use the normal DSL speed tester programs and such I get the more advertised aprox 80kb/s (800k connection) but I noticed when I download files I seem to average mostly around the 150kb/s and this can be averaged over a day or more. If I use both firefox AND vuze I can be showing nearly 150kb/s on EACH program for nearly 300kb/s. If just using one of the programs I generally see speeds that will burst to over 200kb/s to nearly 300kb/s for periods of 10 minutes or so. And no its not a fluke with the program speedometers because you can use a stopwatch and time the data transfer. The speeds seem accurate. But does seem to burst to higher speeds when I use both programs more then it does when just using one of the two.

Where I am staying has a 1.5meg connection and I do notice that my normal Sprint connection does seem to be faster then their 1.5meg connection when I surf or download stuff.. It "seems" that it is not unreasonable that I am getting a 1.5-2meg connection consistantly with the Sprint card.

When you look at the files download speeds and all it does appear the numbers I get in vuze and download it all are reasonably accurate.

Leaves me wondering just how fast Sprint really is. In our area you can see Clearwire vehicles all over the place deploying and testing WiMax into our area but can not believe that would have anything to do with it.

I also realize too that my area is one of the last if not the last area with a sprint network that is not part of the parent sprint/nexel company. (Coverage area doesn't go as far as it could because the two can't overlap coverage areas and you can not get the Hybrid phones here.)
Word is Sprint (My area) and Sprint/Nextel have been in court since 2005 to set the amount of cash to change hands to finalize Sprint/Nextel buying my local Sprint. But I can't believe that makes a difference either...

Now it gets me wondering if the new 800w would be faster in my area then the advertised speeds too...

Also makes me understand why they might try caping the data transfer... Although my account is listed as a "small bussiness" account due to the 10% discount I have to imagine I would be subject to the limitation as well..