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    Anyone ever play with a SonicBlue Diamond Mako? It's basically a rebadged Psion RevoPlus, as I understand it. You can currently get one bundled with a travel modem for around $150 - under a hundred for the Mako itself.

    I'm temped to buy one - not to replace my beloved Prism or Blackberry, just because it sounds cool (and I've got $150 to spend from a check someone gave me for my birthday). It got a decent review from CNET. They obviously haven't sold well (hence the fire-sale prices - the modem alone used to cost more than the bundle cost), but that is just as likely due to Psion's complete inability to market their product.

    Any opinions out there?
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    this is the handheld I originally wanted two+ years ago when I ended up with the IIIx (because of the $500 price tag).
    In 10 minutes at CompUSA I had the thing set up to do a lot of the work I needed it to do.

    the productivity apps in combo with the built in keyboard and a sync software which shows the handheld as a drive would make this a great solution for me at work. I hate emailing my work to my office from home because of the single-pc limitation of doc to go. And the screen size/width, built in apps, 128 bit browser, fu-get aboudit (stated like Pauly Walnuts)

    Where did you find it for $150 with the modem??? I cant find it anywhere. The best price I found was $250+ for just the handheld. I want this thing.

    UPDATE: I found the handheld for $99 at, but no modem deal. where is this deal???
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    The modem/handheld combo deal is at Sparco. They had a blurb about the competing offers at pdageek, check it out.
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    My boss just got one from outpost for $99 (no modem). Saw it yesterday before it was all charged. Initial impression was good- it felt sturdy and compact, I kind of liked the design and form factor. Should be interesting to see when it is on and functioning.
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    check out this review at

    VTL, did you get yours yet? What do you think?

    If the offer is still there Friday morning I think I am going to buy one and an extra cradle. Every time my visor has frustrated me this week: while trying to grafitti a document, wishing I could sync doc-to-go at work, or look at a web page with the handspring modem, I have thought about this thing. Who cares if it is palm compatible, it appears to have everything (software and hardware) in the box. Ill only miss my dictionary, and I bet I find one for epoc if I look. My girlfriend may be getting a visor and a lot of software/hardware real soon.
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    I haven't received it yet - it's supposed to show up Friday, according to UPS. I've been checking the tracking number like twice a day, pretty pathetic.

    I did see the PDA Buzz review, and there's a couple of good ones up at PDA Geek (of either the Mako or the identical Revo Plus).

    A quick warning, however - according to PDA Geek, Psion announced today that they are getting out of the PDA business altogether. Probably explains the fire-sale prices on some Psions over the last couple of weeks.

    The news isn't all bad. The company will stay in business and focus on enterprise solutions. They will continue to sell their Series 7 product, which is a much higher end device with a color screen, more like a notebook. They also still have Symbian going, which is supposed to marry the organizer with a phone, not sure how that's going for them.

    Supposedly, Psion will continue to support products previously sold. However, you have to wonder how good that support will be, and you also have to wonder whether the third-party application development will dry up.

    I still plan to get mine - the price is too reasonable to pass up, and it's sounds like a capable unit right out of the box. However, I don't see it as a replacement for my beloved Prism, or my RIM 957 for that matter. I think a Palm OS device is still the best thing out there for routine PIM functions, and I couldn't live without AvantGo (which isn't out for EPOC). I don't have your Doc-to-Go problem, because I use Wordsmith and can synch documents at home and at work.

    The thing I'm most interested in is the ability to really surf the net using Opera's browser - sounds better than the Palm OS alternatives, even if the screen is b&w. I'm also interested in the word processing side of things. I love Wordsmith (and can't wait to get the new version), and I also like my Stowaway, but I never seem to have the keyboard with me when I need it. With the Psion, it's always there. I hear it's fairly decent for email, although it won't be "always on" like my Blackberry.

    I'll let you what I think after I get a chance to play with one over the weekend.
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    I just got mine yesterday from I ordered it for the included apps (I did not get the modem) I have specific travel uses where I want to write stuff and easyly tranfer it to a Windows PC without much format loss.

    my initial opinion is that this is a great little product and it's too bad it noever caught on.

    So far getting sync set up with windows XP was a bit tricky took a reboot that was not requested but it worked fine once done (Diamond has a 2000 patch on their web site that helped. the built in apps are great very powerful full wordprocessor and spreadsheet and database plus the basic PIM stuff. 3rd party stuff is not as plentiful as Palm but certainly there is a good base of code out there.

    I think with a modem and the Opera browser it would be great, the screen is crisp (better than my VPL) and the keyboard is ok but realy only big enough for 2 or 3 finger typing. all in all it works for me and for 99.00 what the hell.

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    Thanks "O." Can't wait to get mine - supposed to come tomorrow.
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    When you guys get it, can you check if the adaptor can handle 240V?


    p.s. great price!
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    Well, I did it, after almost three years with a Palm unit, I guess I am an epoc user now. I spent $200 for a 16mb handheld +keyboard +modem +extra cradle. I only need to buy a dictionary, money software, and offline browser (avantgo clone) software. If I get the hot-rod pretty-graphics money software; all of it will set me back just over $100 more. Considering it will replace $800 in handspring/palm hardware and software I think I did the right thing. If the spreadsheet turns out to be as powerful as advertised and reviewed, I may not need the $60 money software (hell, I might go cheap if the freeware is good enough.

    the expensive money software I have been drooling over is at

    the avantgo clone is at

    Does anyone have any feedback on these software titles?

    If it ships monday, I should have it wednesday (UPS guarantees two day ground from MS to KS.
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    Beer Dude:

    PDA Buzz has a Psion discussion forum similar to this one - not as high a quality, of course, but interesting nonetheless. Worth your while.

    Let me know how you like the AvantGo clone - it sounds promising. I'm not planning to lay out much on software and peripherals yet, as I don't see the Mako replacing my Prism. I like the smaller form factor too much. I see the Mako replacing my laptop instead, for word processing and browsing. We shall see - maybe I'll love it so much that I'll be inspired to spend like a drunken sailor.

    I'm supposed to get mine tomorrow - yippee.
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    FYI - PSION is getting out of the handheld business (they actually make the MAKO), thats why the MAKO is so cheap, they are dumping them.
    PDA Psioneer mulls licensing hardware, IP
    By Andrew Orlowski
    Posted: 12/07/2001 at 11:18 GMT

    Psion is considering licensing hardware designs and other intellectual property, as it licks its chops after a bloody retreat from the consumer PDA market it pioneered.

    Yesterday Psion put future plans for consumer PDAs on ice, sacked 250 of its 1300-odd staff, and announced a focus on the industrial and education niches.
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    I looked up the price of a PSION Revo Plus and it is A$850 while the Maku costs US$130 (inc. shipping $30 for shipping!!!) which is approx A$260/A$300.... that gives a A$550 difference!!!

    If I don't like it I can allways sell it with a great profit!
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    p.s. what is a good/cheap place for the modem?
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    Sparco sells a Mako/modem package for around $150. There's also an article talking about Mako "deals" on PDA Geek's site.
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    120v olny on the diamond
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    Well, UPS screwed up, and I won't get my new Mako until Monday - despite the fact that their tracking site said I was supposed to get it today. I was so looking forward to playing with it over the weekend when I had more time too.
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    Woo Hoo, here's a useless post

    Mine actually shipped today. Pretty exciting (to me)considering nothing I have ever bought online was ever shipped within three days, in stock or not. Sparco rocks! how do ya like my new signature?
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    Well, I hope you have better experience than I do with shipping. UPS blamed Sparco, saying it didn't really ship when Sparco said it did. Sparco blamed UPS, saying UPS had a hold up at one of its terminals.

    I actually don't mind that it's taking ten days to get here - that's not terribly unreasonable for UPS ground. Besides, it's not like I need it - I have my Prism. But it irritates me that they said I would get it yesterday (up to and through the end of the day yesterday) when it wasn't true. I didn't like "getting my hopes up" I guess.
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    Hi and Sorry All,
    Just spotted this thread
    I got a Psion Revo Plus mini-laptop / PDA also
    which is the same as a Diamond Mako.
    Some folks here probaly already know about the TomeRaider
    eBooks I have being making for this device already?

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