I'm testing a Nokia E61i for a project I'm on, and am trying to use it almost exclusively for a few weeks/month to gauge it's capabilities. I'm tired of switching the SIM back and forth from the Nokia to my Treo 680 <g>, so I'm looking for third party apps to do the job. Right now I have installed:

Papyrus - $$ (calendaring program "similar" to Agendus, but oh do I wish they would put Agendus on the S60). I also have AquaCalendar, but Papyrus seems better for my needs.

SnoozeIt! - $$ (alarm manager that would be built in to Agendus <grumble>)

OperaMini of course - free. I like it on the E61i!

GoogleMaps - free. Doesn't seem to be able to do the contacts "lookups", but it has "My Location".

WorldMate - free. It and a combo of the built-in "Clock" seem to give me the WorldClock functionality

SkyeQuiKey - $$ This is nice. It does searching either by name or phone number, but also searches for programs, so it reminds me of my Mac's "Spotlight"

IM+ - $$ Just as nice if not better than on the Treo

puTTY - free. Replacing pssh

VNC+ - $$ but there are a lot of VNC options, possibly some even free, and would like feedback on which people like best.

Now - I still need replacements for:

KeyCaps600 & Textras - for these two I will admit that I haven't updated the firmware yet to see if the new "Predictive Text" will work - data cable lost and replacement on its way


I installed SlingPlayer and it's not working

Yanoff+ - the only newsreader I found seems MIA

A backup program that backs up to SD

Need to do some research to see if the E61i can work as a PC Modem.

ThreadedSMS $$ - found one program that looks "right" - but it doesn't have a demo version - anyone using it?

Now, as you can see, it looks like this phone "needs" a lot, but to be fair, only a few of those needs are for "native" Treo apps, and others are direct replacements for other third party apps I have on my Treo.

And some of these (like Modem, backup, etc.) I just haven't had time to look for, and I hoping that maybe someone here just "knows" and I won't have to go look

Thanks in advance for any advice/comments. I will admit that I can't stand Windows Mobile. I've been GIVEN BB's and won't use them. I don't have an iPhone, but I have an iPod touch, and it takes me twice as long to type anything, so I doubt I would be a huge iPhone convert. The Symbian phone is the "closest" I've come so far to actually "liking" another phone, and if the Palm Linux phone doesn't make it, this might be my eventual phone once PalmOS is no more - and since I have the opportunity to try this one while still having the Treo in my grubby hands, I might as well make the best of it until the demo versions of the apps run out