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    Hopefully this is a different slant on a well flogged topic: Has anyone completely replaced a piece of software on their desktop with software on their handheld?

    For example, I've been using Quicken for as long as I've owned computers (well, except for that brief, horrible time I tried Money, but that's a different discussion. ), and it used to do wonders for knowning my financial situation at any time.

    However, while paying some bills this weekend, I began to think about my current Quicken use. I'm currently with an internet bank, so relatively up-to-date account status is available to me 24/7. I make most of my purchases through a Visa check card that deducts directly from my checking account(everything but online purchases), and once a month I get statements from the bank so that I can go over them and make sure the bank and I agree. Since everything prior to the current month is on hard-copy, and I'm only really worried about whether the bank and I agree on the current month's balances, why do I still cling to the desktop app? Granted, I haven't played with any of the handheld accounting utilities yet, but are the loan accounts, instant net worth graphs, reporting, etc, really so useful that I need the desktop?

    What about everyone else? Is there a application where the handheld has completely taken over for a desktop app?

    As always, I'm interested in what everyone thinks.
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    Originally posted by sowens
    What about everyone else? Is there a application where the handheld has completely taken over for a desktop app?
    My example is probably the most frequent one -- i.e., Outlook replaced by a PDA PIM (in my case, DateBk4).

    I should add, though, that I still use DateBk4 in conjunction with the Palm Desktop. In fact, most of my most useful apps on the Palm still have PC software that allows me to access data on the PC (WordSmith, Secret!, etc.)

    What it comes down to is that desktop/laptop computers are still very superior for entering large amounts of data to a PDA. I love my Stowaway keyboard, but that's only 1/2 the equation -- the other is the large display screen you get with a PC.

    Let's put it this way -- with a number of Palm applications, I'm using my PC much less frequently than I used to.
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    I am using the online banking/bill pay exclusively now.

    For the first six months or so, I was downloading my acct info into Money to reconcile with the bank. Finally dawned on me that it was useless time spent. Now, I just verify each transaction from my receipts and call it good.

    I haven't missed all the graphing, etc. If I want, I can still copy/paste the information into a spreadsheet and do all the graphing I want.

    I find that I too am using my desktop much less than before. Can see where eventually, the desktop will become much less important to most people.

    Think when wireless finally comes into its own, the desktop will drastically shrink in value. Most users could probably do without the desktop completely if wireless meets the promise.
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    hmm for me It's been 1 complete app (outlook-Datebook+)

    I think though that the amount that I use wordsmith as a wordprocessor is enough to replace it for MS Word. I wonly use MSWord for spell check now! I LOVE WORDSMITH!!! (esp.. 2.0!)
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    I just signed up with "The First Internet Bank of Indiana" but couldn't access their secure site via my Treo 650 using either Blazer or Web Pro. Is there a software program that I should get?

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