Afternoon everyone,

I am in need of some other opinions on the subject of myself getting a new phone.

I currently have a Treo 650, which has lasted for well over 3 years and have never given me any serious issues. For the most part, im happy with it.

But it is over 3 years old and its bluetooth performance/support is lacking for the most part.

Now I have been looking at Sprint's website for a while now (several months) and I have been fighting and debating over one of the newer Palm phones and the HTC Touch.

For the most part, ive been using my 650 for bluetooth A2D mp3 player using 3rd party software, but I also want to use it in my car for bluetooth speaker phone.

If the bluetooth in the new Palms is even a little better then the 650, I think I would be satified.

Of course I like how the HTC Touch is layed out and that it supports A2D w/o 3rd party software and that "hopefully" its bluetooth is better. My main drawback is that Sprint still hasnt released the software update that would allow GPS in the phone. But I also dont like the lack of physical keyboard.

But I need some others opinions. Is there something newer/better comming out for Sprint? Are there other options with sprint service? Is the newer palms just as good or better then the HTC Touch with software like touchlauncher and softick audio gateway?

Throw me some ideas here. Im riding the fence and its starting to hurt.