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    Quote Originally Posted by cmaier View Post
    Yes, because they can tell the difference between BIS and BES. AT&T can't tell whether your exchange connection is for "business" or "pleasure."
    agreed, but I guess AT&T can require all Exchange ActiveSync users to require the expensive plan. I'm still not sure how they can tell though.
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    The $30 iPhone data plan is just like $30 PDA personal.
    $45 iPhone business plan is just like $45 PDA enterprise.

    They are all the same identical plan, you can do exchange on all of them. The only difference is the price.
    You'll simply get the $45 plan if you have a business account or are on a corporate account, or if you're stupid enough to ask for it. If you have a corporate rep, he'll simply give you the $45 for your business account. Otherwise personal.
    But if you're on a personal account, you get $30 personal plan and you can use exchange.

    AT&T even said in an interview that the $45 is more expensive "because business users use more data." (and that's all)

    Exchange does not equal business. There are just as many reasons to use exchange for personal use as well as business use. Even if AT&T "caught" you using exchange they have no justification to for assuming it's for business use.

    The people on the Apple forums are all freaking out because they called AT&T and they told them "If you're caught using exchange, we'll switch you to the business data plan." That's a total ought right lie and par for the course. AT&T has been spewing such unfounded threats for ages.
    Sorry if I sound like I'm venting, but it's total BS for some ignorant AT&T employee to make up something like that and then have their reps repeat it. And that's what it is, fantasy.

    Also they can't (and won't) tell. Port 443 can be used for other SSL data, not just Exchange.
    And again, even if they could tell, it doesn't mean you're using exchange for business use.

    All of us WM users have been using personal hosted exchange accounts like mail2web and for years with our PDA personal plans.
    You can even do it with $15 media net if you can manage to get the plan (I did.)

    Still not convinced?
    Well chew on this. Iphone firmware 2.0 will be released to first generation iPhone users on 7/11 as well, giving the 2G iPhone Exchange Activesync capablity. Those users are all using the $20 data (which is really media net.) And they will be able to use exchange on their $20 plan.

    "Customers intending to use the iPhone 3G for access to corporate e-mail, business applications, or access to corporate intranet are required to activate with Enterprise Data Plan for iPhone."
    If you don't intend to use corporate email, then no worries. But you can still use exchange.
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    Why can't iPhone users sign up to MEdiaNet and must go with PDA?

    When I bought my Cingular Treo 650, the rep. forced me into the $40 PDA plan. Later I wised up, went to the website and switched to MEdiaNet for $20. Worked just the same.

    AT&T is taking advantage of gullible iPhone users.
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    If you can find a way to switch it, I'm sure the media net plan will work. It works just fine for people who have "jailbroken" their iPhone 2G to bypass activation.
    The problem when you call CS to change to media net, they're going to deactivate your iPhone.
    They just enforce it well.

    You might want to keep an eye on the blogs and news. If in a few weeks someone manages to release a iPhone 3G jail break software, you could unlock the iPhone. Sign up for data, get the iPhone. Then go unlock it, then call AT&T and say you sold the iPhone and you're going back to your old phone. Switch back to media net, and try the iPhone.

    Not 100% sure it would work. But if you're cheap it's worth a shot.
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    I can't wait to see if I can access Exchange using my first gen iPhone and the $20 data plan. Sounds like it is possible. My IT guys think it will be.

    Finally. A Mac product will finally be supported in our all PC environment. And to think they just spent a crapload on setting everything up for the Blackberry. Glad I bought my own iPhone. It may finally pay off.
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    Each iphone is tracked by apple via a series of feature codes that are added to your account and monitored via a dedicated service team. In a way big brother is watching you, so when you make a change like downgrading your service plan from the enterprise access $45 to the iphone personal $30 this will update with them and cause your intranet access to fail. This, by no means, will monitor your usage as in websites visited or calls made, but WILL monitor what features you add to your plan so that apple can make sure your adding the "right features" What does this all mean? :

    Steve Jobs needz to grow a mustache and be posted on books by "George Orwell"
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    I don't know what the story is.

    But pondering this, I remember AT&T's rationale for higher fees for corporate plans, rooted in the tendency of such customers to use more bandwidth. Sounds fair, but then, what does Exchange access have to do with bandwidth?

    Microsoft ought to be frustrated with carriers milking direct push and siphoning profits instead of letting a free technology compete with dedicated BB infrastructure.
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    I'm officially using exchange now without the Exchange plan.
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    Told ya.

    Is it true that if you use exchange, it syncs contacts/calendars ONLY with exchange? If so, I wonder if that's also true with
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmaier View Post
    Told ya.

    Is it true that if you use exchange, it syncs contacts/calendars ONLY with exchange? If so, I wonder if that's also true with
    I also set up a test mobile me account. In the settings you can choose what you want to sync from mobile me. Exchange will overwrite contacts and calendars from mobile me. I just sync the mobile me mail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmaier View Post
    Told ya.

    Is it true that if you use exchange, it syncs contacts/calendars ONLY with exchange? If so, I wonder if that's also true with
    Both do contacts, calendars and email. MobileMe does bookmarks too. I have email only set up for Exchange and the whole lot for MobileMe. Everything seems to be working ok but I haven't checked how quick the syncing is yet.
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    What i meant by the question is that supposedly if you sync with exchange, you cannot ALSO sync with something else (for example, desktop software). If you have contacts on your phone that aren't synced via exchange, syncing via exchange wipes them out.
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    By the way, I did confirm the SIM and data plan works if you move the SIM to to my Treo 750. I was still able to tether. I'm 100% sure there are no additional fees involved as long as you use wap.cingular (Media net, aka "AT&T") connection profile.

    I also am using exchange.
    My coworkers are using exchange on first gen iPhones with the $20 data plan (on 2.0 software.)
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