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    Originally posted by homer
    They're called 486's running Linux. And they're cheap.
    I think you might need more than a 486 to be truly useful. Are there any companies out there which sell these kind of computers, new?
    Matt Nichols
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    Originally posted by Yorick
    a dot-matrix printer the size of a refrigerator. (that was fast, though)
    I worked for a company (beer *scratch that*, no one there knew anything about beer, I mean box distributor) untill 1998 which used only 8086 computers to do $100,000-$150,000 every day. No software updates since the current owner bought the place in 1983. they had one of those refrigerator sized dot printers. It was incredibly fast. Printed invioces and "route cards" for countless salespeople in no time at all.

    The reason I bought the PC I am using right this minute is so I could create proposals for customers and use a decent spreadsheet (my need for an affordable, pocketable spreadsheet lead me to the palm III).

    It is kind of Ironic, but now I run a retail liquor store and I get lots of beer deliveries. The route salesmen have hand-held computers which sync all of their sales and future orders to modern PCs at their office, and they create invioces on printers in the trucks. Those handhelds are useless compared to pen and paper route books that the distributor I worked for used. It is impossible to really look over an order or sales history on a tiny little screen which cant display products and dates, just mostly a bunch of codes 'cause the screen is so small, sometimes those screens turn black because the outdoor heat is too much for them in the summertime. It takes the sales people a year to really get good enough at those things for them to be useful. that refrigerator sized printer created legal-sized color reports from that antique software which no current handheld or tablet PC can touch. Simplicity, incredible durability, data cannot be lost. the only drawback is the data entry clerk earning $8/hr to poke in all of those numbers at midnight, and she is a hell-of-a-lot more accurate than a driver/salesman working 12 hour days with calloused fingers.
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    So jeffbeerman2 . . . . uh you take orders online

    Sell any any nice wine, imported beers,or 40oz(just kidding)and do we get a discount for being a palm user. hehehe

    BTW, are you gonna card me?
    It's all about how you spend the money.
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