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    Originally posted by BNelson
    I purchased the m505 from last night...$359 and some change. This was just too good to pass up at that price. There's a coupon link at the following address:
    I think I have just been pushed over the edge (to the 505).
    I have a couple questions for any of you kind gents and ladies if I could.

    How is dell with returns? I have read horrible things about the 505 screen, but I have seen a beautiful one at Best Buy. I am convinced that there are some out there which are much better than others. If I get one with a crappy screen, will they allow me to exchange it easily?

    How difficult will it be to quickly get $200+ for a worn but working blue vdx, folding keyboard, 8mb flash, handspring modem, doc to go pro on CD, and non-clip vaja case (ostrich)? What is the best way to sell my handspring stuff? Newspaper? VC boards? Ebay?

    Thank you for any replies.

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    Sorry folks for the tardy post, guess the deal expired this morning. Wasn't meant to be. It'll go down again soon I guess.

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