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    Has anyone read about the up and coming new Instinct smartphone (iPhone look alike) produced by Samsung and to be sold via Sprint's Network.

    I've read a few stories but of course none of them told me what I needed to know and want to see if anyone has more details on it.

    If you are not aware of this new phone and want to look at it goto:

    Looks good but my main questions is what software is it running, something new or Window Mobile 6 (with just a pretty interface on top).

    Any comments are welcome, it does look really nice.

    Please click on the 'Technical Specifications' button, since it's being displayed in Flash, I can't do a copy & paste into this message for the important information.

    If this phone has been discussed in other area's of TreoCentral please let me know where and I will be more than happy to go there to read more on this interesting new device.


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    Its definitely not WM.

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    It looks great but I wish it was WM seems to be limited in what it can do runs java apps.
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    Was so hyped about the form factor, tilt function, screen, etc etc.

    No standard OS is killer for me though. Proprietary OS basically makes it like a feature phone (like the sidekick) and I love installing lots of 3rd party apps.
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    Is that the one that's 'tween a phone and a smartphone?
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    Actually it will take 3rd party apps. Come talk about it over at

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