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    My screen just broke on my 2mb visor. its $85 to replace it if im not mistaken.

    I'm in the mood for a new pda, maybe a pocketPC like the Casio EM-500 or the E-125, which would be around $300-$350.

    So, should i stick with the visor for a while, maybe the prices will drop on the casios... or should i just ditch it, sell my 8 meg flash modual and use the money to help pay for a new pda?

    I doubt the 2mb visor will sell for anything with a broken screen, and if i replace the screen it will probably sell for $85 =)

    Any suggestions?
  2. #2 sells screens cheaper than HS will replace yours.

    I would personally upgrade, but then again I'm obsessed with Visors. Maybe I need to join Visorholics Anonymous.
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    Upgrade. That's the same decision I faced (though I stuck with visor, but that's neither here nor there), and I don't regret it.
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    Upgrade. But stick with the Palm platform.
    It's all about how you spend the money.
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    This would be a good time to take advantage of Handspring's $100 promotion and upgrade to the Visor Edge!
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    Just got my Edge today. Definitely worth the upgrade.
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    i also own a visor 2mb and recently broke my digitizer(glass screen). i paid $50 for a replacement digitizer form and personally like the palm icons on the screen since visor and palm llle digitizers are the same they only sell palm screens, for now. if i had the money i would upgrade but i also have a 16mb flash modual and still need more memory which is why i want to get the platinum as christmas rolls around. but if you dont need any more internall memory or the increased speed i would buy the relacement screen. if you have all of 10mb full than if you buy a better pda it still will only have 8mb of mem so you'll need to delete some programs if you sell the modual and upgrade. but i would never, ever switch to a pocket pc, since palm os's can do the same things and more.
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    Don't bother getting a new PDA, you're name is Mr. Suicide , whatever you buy will just jump off the table and break itself like your first one.
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    Actually i didnt drop my visor, it was in my pocket, and i recieved no collisions with anyone or anything, and when i took it out 30 mins later than the last time i used it the screen was cracked. Bummer.

    I still can't decide!! arg. I'm a gadget person, and I'm beginnning to really want more to do with my pda (color would be nice also.) I've also wanted voice recording for some time now. To get that on a visor it would be the Prism + total recall= too much $$$ (more than the EM-500 anyway.)

    I too thought once i would never switch from palm to PPC, but when i saw that $300 price tag my idealism dropped.

    I'll be goin off to college soon enough, so i do need a pda by the end of this summer. Plus i won't be getting a laptop (cant afford)... so i need something that acts close to one... which makes me lean towards PPC for it's voice recording and word doc editing. Also I've begun to use Outlook for my PIM since the visor is dead.

    But damn, i loved my visor, but im sure i could love a PPC too.

    Bah, I am so indecisive.
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    Originally posted by MrSuicide
    Actually i didnt drop my visor, it was in my pocket, and i recieved no collisions with anyone or anything, and when i took it out 30 mins later than the last time i used it the screen was cracked. Bummer.
    Yeah, that happened to me too. When I sat down in my chair at a movie I went to, apparently I hit the screen on the arms rests or squashed it between myself and the chair. I now keep my Visor out of my pocket at theaters and when I'm driving.

    As for your other post, I agree with the others. Get a new Palm OS type device. I don't think you'll like the PPC units. Don't forget the $100 discount on Visor Edge for trade-up. Plus you'll get to keep the 2MB Visor, which you can give to a friend who can repair it.
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    Originally posted by Black_Dragon

    Don't forget the $100 discount on Visor Edge for trade-up.
    Unfortuneately, that offer expired on July 1st. I'll agree with staying with a Palm OS device though. I've used a PPC (iPAQ to be precise) and I found the Palm OS devices much more usable.

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    SO most likely we'll see the Edge's price become officially that low in the next month or two.

    It would be funny if Handspring cam out with "new" PDAs using the old ones people had to send in. "Uh...check out our new Handspring Visor Palm Pro, its for those who don't like to worry about too much memory or Springboard slots!"
    Matt Nichols
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    Uh did he upgrade yet?
    It's all about how you spend the money.
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    Heh, no. Still indecisive.

    Also, I happen to be a bit of a weapons (swords, midieval stuff) nut, so I'm also looking for some new items in that category as well to spend money on.

    So is it stands i have $200, a broken visor, a hankerin to upgrade be it palm or otherwise, and a hankerin for swords.

    I need a job.
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    Duh, this is easy. Nevermind the PDA. Go get a nice sword. Then find somebody with the model PDA you want...

    NO! NO NO! I am NOT going to suggest you threaten him with the sword unless he gives you his PDA, that would be mean.

    Tell him "Hey, I'll trade you this really cool sword for your PDA."

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