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    Ok..i have a question regarding MSmount..i have a Palm m505 and a 16 Meg Palm SD card..i want to be able to move my databases for programs like TealInfo and Wordsmith to the card so they will not take up my main memory...and i understand that it moves them over when the program is run....but isnít it supposed to erase them after they are used.....if i look after i use the files I have 2 on my palm and one on the 16M SD card.....i am using the newest MSmount .77 I believe....can someone please help me out...thank you very much.
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    I don't think MSmount is meant to run on the M505. There may be some subtle reason why it doesn't work.
    It's all about how you spend the money.
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    I stand corrected. There is support for M505. But remember MS Mount 0.7.7 is beta
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    It's all about how you spend the money.
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    I have MSMount on my m505, although I have not tried it Wordsmith. Works well with Mapopolis. albeit s-l-o-w.

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