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    "Pocket Manager BE-300 ($299) Windows CE 3.0 Color PDA"

    New Casio

    It looks like it has most of the same "from the box" features as the 710c. Display 240w x 320h 32,768 colors backlit. That is a *lot* of colors. Runs some kind of Casio OS along with WinCE3 (whatever that is). No pocket PC, and no business apps, just PIM, browser, image viewer, audio player, email, and a couple of utilities. Without the PPC apps, it looks like a palm without the available software library. I wonder if one can get all of the office apps for it later (the ppc ones)? For $300, it just may drive prices down a little more. I wonder how much a 505 will cost me if I wait til January
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    "Battery life: Continuous operation: 1 week of use
    Continuous music playback: 2 hours minimum."

    Does playing music need so much power?

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