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    Those of you who listen to the TreoCast know that I don't have a lot of love for Access -- I'm still bitter about how they killed off cobalt without giving it a chance and don't have any kind of faith that they'll get ALP on real devices that ship in the US. Ever. And since Palm has cut all ties with them we'll never see it on a Treo, either.

    Still, they asked if I wanted to have a sit down with one of the execs (they must not be listeners. ) and I said sure. So: What do you want to know about Access or the Access Linux Platform?

    (background link: )

    Meeting with them on Tuesday, though I suspect I won't really be able to check in again after Monday afternoon.
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    Ask them what kind of devices APS is expected to run on. Flip phones? candybar? Touch screen? And how about a time line? What kind of market share are they looking to acomplish? Are we going to see the OS in North America or is this going to be only in China Asia?

    Guess that's it for now... let me know if you need more material. and if someone does know the answers feel free to answer them!

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    I guess I'd want to know: what's the point? What is it that they bring to the table that the rest of the market doesn't already provide at this point?
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    Is this still the people behind Cobalt, or just new people who bought the tech?

    If it's the old team, why they allowed a once industry-shaping OS to languish for so many years. What happened to their leadership and innovation? How could they not be on Palm OS 8 or 9 by now?
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    - What about PODS (PalmOS Development Suite) for Vista?
    - What's the idea with GarnetOS emulator for the Nokia n8xx? Who is it for?
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    Is Access developing anything for the iPhone SDK?

    And, if so, will it be over El Jobso's dead body?
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    When the platform is finished, will Ibe able to replace my existing Palm OS on my Centro with Access Linux Platform? When are the expecting ALP to be available to the general public?
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    Thanks for the questions, everybody!
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    Just finished the interview - will try to post up notes and thoughts tomorrow. Thanks again for all your questions. Quick version: ALP is going better than I previously thought.
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    edit: Oops too late

    -Ask them the idea of a Japanese company writing an OS design for the world market. As you know, the way Japanese do things is very different from the rest of the world. For example, all the Japanese games with online components feel very weird and different from the rest of the online games written by European and Americans. In fact I don't think Sony Japan has ever make a success OS. You can make a case they has screwed up UIQ platform as well.

    - Ask them the prospect of making ALP run on Nokia internet tablets.
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