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    This is sort of an uncool post for Treo Central, but I thought it might help some folks.

    I just wrote up a (long and techy) blog entry discussing how I moved Treo 6y50 Calendar and Contacts info to my iPhone (and why if you care):

    Its a little involved, but it worked when every other method failed. (ie: It shoud be as easy as a hotsync, but alas.. it wasn't for me.)

    (And for those keeping score.. no, I'm not dropping Palm OS support, just investigating adding another platform under my belt, to the half dozen platforms I already build applications for,)

    Ignore as you see fit, but maybe it will benefit someone

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    Thanks. I don't need the info, but it was interesting to read your thoughts about the iphone. I'm really really torn between this and a new treo. I love my 700wx, but I just want more.......things like better music playing, gps, bigger screen, skinnier phone, etc.

    Thanks...I'll check your blog from time to time to see how it's going.

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