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    My wife and I have both been using Palm OS devices for about seven years now, I have had my Treo 650 for almost three and my wife's Clie is probably five or six years old. I have been waiting and waiting for VZW to announce the Centro so I could upgrade/downsize both of our phones and I was prepared to do it even though it did not have wi-fi which is a big deal to me.

    Now I keep reading about the Google Android phone and how much software will be available for it, etc etc etc. By buying a Centro (in May if it really happens) I would be locking my wife and myself into VZW for another two years. Now I am tempted to wait until the end of 2008 (our Palm OS devices and phones will hold up) and see what the Google phones are really like.

    Any thoughts?
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    The Android phones most likely will have a blackberry form factor, which is much better than the Centro. But you could wait till the Android is avaiable before you make the decision. I would just get a Centro on ebay for $200 or less. No commitment no hassle.
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    Android based phones will be a failure... and that's final.

    I'm always fascinated by this fascination for new, shiny things. PalmOS and WM have many good, mature, professional grade software... not some Java games crap.

    Meaning, would it offer something more than the current generation devices (like the iPhone did)? Maybe the user experience will be better? Or maybe it will make it easier for Google to keep tabs (I didn't want to say "spy") on you? Or will it be just another choice for the buyer?
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    I would just get the centro and sit and wait for the early adopters.
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    It will be the first phone with advertisements built into the today screen

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