Ok, I've been out of contract since February and living with my 700p, even tho there have been a ton of upgrades even within the treo line for some time. I keep an eye on this board, all the phone and gadget sites, etc, and now I'm finally getting ready to pull the trigger.

Here's the thing -- while I _love_ the 5,000 things my Treo can do, it's a PITA to maintain so I can demo features to people. Case in point, playing the feature game with a friend and his iPhone... I won (mainly b/c of the addon software installs), but it hit me, keeping the software up to date, especially so it syncs right (just a crapshoot), things go wonky so much about once a quarter that I have to hard reset the thing, and it takes me forever to set it all back up, install keys, etc... I'm tired of the maintenance. I want a phone with built-in stuff. Opening youtube for example, I had to have Kinoma kick in... lots of stuff like that on my phone.

As an intriguing twist, while I've always thought I would never consider a phone without a keyboard, I think I'm getting used to the idea. I recently got a job where I'll hardly ever travel, and now I can't access email when I'm not onsite. No more monitoring, writing or replying to emails in random off-hour moments. It's changed my whole usage pattern, and quite frankly, I think the texting I'd do with a few friends and my wife wouldn't mandate a keyboard.

So here I am, on Sprint, in a pretty cheapo plan (850 minutes between my wife and I, ~$110 a month, including data) and now I'm wondering what I should do. So. Not for nothing and sorry for my life history, but help me out. I'm REALLY interested in the Samsung Instinct... but very uncertain that its OS/platform is going to get any love from developers. I'm going to check out the HTC Touch at the Sprint store, but I've never used WM and am a little nervous about launching into a new OS. Guess that's going to be the choice no matter what I do, unless Palm comes out with an 800p with no keyboard by the fall.

I value:

GPS (I've always thought this would've cemented Palm's hold on the market had they forced it in there early and it's way more important to me than wifi)
Multimedia playback (lots of dvds to rip to clear out space)
Streaming (sprint's very fast network works great for this, and now that XM and Sirius looks like an up and coming thing, wahoo...)
Email (imap required -- leaving Chatter will be the thing that hurts me most)
Video capture
View ms office + pdf docs
Google maps!!! -- Working with the internal GPS would be awesome, but if I have to deal with Sprint's built-in direction thing, that's probably fine...
Splashid... (I think they have a WM version)
MP3 playback (LOVE mOcean)
JAVA would be nice, but it was a PITA to try out on the treo...
I need goosync or something to keep my updated with google calendar and gmail contacts...
Lots and lots and lots of games...
I live in Microsoft OneNote and I know WM has a sync thing, but unless it's beyond terrif, I don't think that should be the final word on it...
I want tethering as an option, it's saved my bacon a few times.
Instant message capabilities built in would be awesome. mundu's fine, but yeah...

If you've hung with me this far, thanks. All thoughts welcome. I've read a TON of these types of threads in the past, so here are my main feedback request items:
-- Instinct thoughts and any info of potential expectations for apps for it
-- WM 6.1 or on is my preference just to at least start new, but a phone with a more intuitive interface on top of WM to help ease the transition for me would be nice
-- Make me feel better about letting go of a keyboard -- the helio ocean 2 coming out sounds awesome and a keyboard is useful.

Thanks a ton!