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    Just a post to win the prize
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    Congratulations Dyvim! My first post for entry, Admin. does commenting "just a post to win" qualify as an entry, or must we post on-topic... just for future reference?
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    Wow! I just heard about this and am glad to have the opportunity to try my hand at winning a $100 iTunes card.
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    Palm users were loyal until they got bent over one too many times by Palm. Seriously, since the 650 which Treo has been the killer, must-have, Palm phone? Ummmmm....

    This is exactly why iPhone owners are so likely to have been Treo owners, Apple produced what Palm couldn't. A modern, simple, elegant, powerful smartphone/OS. This is what Treo users have been waiting for. Palm's solution was to essentially drop Palm OS (a simple, underpowered, inelegant OS) and go with WinMo (a powerful, inelegant, complicated OS). That decision was so telling and so inline with the series of utterly disappointing announcements and product releases Palm put forth since the 650.
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    AnteL0Pe makes the kind of sense that does.

    I mourn my Palm, but they abandoned the market, not the other way around. The sheepish mentality where consumers pay money to profess loyalty to companies which treat them like cr@p is... wait, that's Apple right?

    Seriously, though, if Apple's next iPhone is a bomb and Palm's Nova is a killer, or (good help me!) WinMob 7 actually innovates, that'll be my next phone.

    Loyalty should be to our own needs and what best meets them at the moment. This ain't marriage, it's gadgets.
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    i sure could use $100 worth of music.....couldnt we all...hehe..
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