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    Let's get one thing clear: we're fond of this CTIA Wireless conference we're headed to. Fond because it's a hotspot of Mobile gadgetry and, just as importantly, a hotbed of people who think clearly and deeply about what mobile gadgetry can do for our lives. It's all sponsored by, naturally, the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association, which is essentially a trade group representing all the heavy hitters in the mobile world.

    There's a rub there, though, and it's not that we're filthy Communists who hate all corporations. We just have a love/hate with *certain* corporations because they so often limit the way we can (and should) use our mobile devices. The term here is “Walled Garden” and we've been railing against them basically since WMExperts has been founded. CTIA does bequeath a great conference unto us and does manage to do some lobbying for good for the companies that they represent -- but they also do lobbying for evil.

    Evil you say? Then why truck with evil? Answers to both questions after the break.

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    Ooooo....nice and informative piece! Had no idea about some of that stuff.

    Although this sentence confused me, lol:

    CTIA doesn't think that the “Carterfone rules” shouldn't apply to wireless
    BTW, can we start Project Mayhem yet? :-)
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    it confused you because it was WRONG. fixed.

    ...the first rule of project mayhem...
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    Odds that Apple will have a booth? (can we go lower than 0%?)

    Odds that every device and it's beta will somehow shoehorn [next / ] iPhone [ / killa] into its 10 word pitch? (can we go higher than 100%?)
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