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    Here's a little interesting / humorous side note to the contest.

    The Vista laptop that was one was placed on e-bay by the Owner. E-Bay removed it as it "might cause harm":
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    "Microsoft will be putting out eight security patches on 8 April, five of them with the unlovable critical label, in the latest run of its regular update cycle.

    The critical updates cover a brace of bugs in Internet Explorer, a pair on Windows and one involving Office. All five might lend themselves to remote execution of malicious software on vulnerable clients."

    Seems the contestants missed all of these.....not to be outdone, Quicktime has a series of fixes that if not fixed .....

    "Impact: Opening a maliciously crafted PICT image file may lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution.
    Impact: Untrusted Java applets may obtain elevated privileges"
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