I was going to add this to the $250 iPhone thread, but I think more people need to hear about the iPhone vs. the iPod Touch when considering their next music player.

Things iPhone has that the iTouch does not:
* Hardware Volume Buttons
* Camera
* A speaker (so you can unplug the headphones and listen)
* Phone & Edge. Duh! More below

EDGE Data Tip/Trick:

* Unlock/jailbreak/Do it all with whatever, iPlus or Ziphone.

* Get a $5 (shipped free) prepaid card from t-mobile, good for 90 days (10 minutes of talk time should you want that):

* Activate the SIM when it arrives.
* Go to 'Settings' -> General -> Network -> 'Edge' and set APN to wap.voicestream.com. Leave user/pass blank.
* Go to Installer and install the T-zones 1.1.3 hack (works on 1.1.4)
* Restart

You now have, for 90 days, unlimited access to the following sites (only!):

Mobile CNN
(weather, news): http://mobile.cnn.com/xhtml/en/us/i.html
Tip: You can access the weather on CNN, then add a bookmark to it on your iphone's desktop.

4Info: http://wap.4info.net/ (Weather, movie showtimes, news, stocks)
Mobile ESPN: http://mobileapp.espn.go.com/wireles...redesign/index (scores and news, pics not showing up but hey!)
ABC News: http://wireless.go.com/wireless/abcnews/

I got the list of available sites from this thread at hofo:

After 90 days. Or During
Say you're actually interested in having talk minutes, or want to occasionally send SMS with the iPhone. Your best best is to get a $100 refill card. This instantly gets you "Gold Status", and those 1000 minutes will not expire 365 days. $105 for a year of service? Not bad. You can get the cards on eBay for close to $90.


You can get a $10 refill and extend your minutes by 30, but most importantly extending your data access for 90 days.

Enjoy your iPhones!