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    I charge my iPhone every other day and I am a heavy user. I get a little better battery on my blackberry curve, but I dont use browsing, or media at all on the blackberry.
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    Different strokes for different folks. I don't particularly care about having music or video on my phone. I do heavly use the productivity features of my Treo. And I just can't type worth a darn on the iPhone's virtual keyboard. The fact that it won't work with gloves on is also a major deal-killer for me, personally. (No, I can't type on the Treo with heavy gloves, either, but I can work the basic hard buttons and 5 way with gloves. And I can type on the Treo with the thin silk glove liners I sometimes wear.)
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    I find the iPhone blog insulting. The writing is childish and unserious. Too bad it's built on the back of TreoCentral.
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    Insulting? really?
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