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    my 650 died this week. It was a horrible death. I dropped only the charger end into my coke on Wednesday and I dried it good. It still worked ok except the red light stayed on and it showed it was charging. I asked my dh an electrician by trade to take a look at it. He took it apart and cleaned it with alchohol. When he put the battery back in it it made a noise and just died. I am heartbroken. I know there are places that would work on them but we thought for what it would cost I could just sign a new contract and get a new one. I currently have AT&T but had been wanting to switch over to Verizon because dh's work phone is Verizon. He gets better signal in our area and the minutes would be free between the two of us and my mom and sister have Verizon.

    So... I go to the Verizon store at the mall on Saturday and the man doesn't have the 700P. I told him that I wanted to stay with OS because over the years of carrying a palm (started out with a IIIxe when it first came out). I have spent alot of $ on software that I want to continue to use. He says oh but you can download all kinds of software on the 700WX and I say yes but I would have to pay for them. He looked at me as though I was stupid. I already had a headache and thanked him for his time and commenced to leave. He then says "Well,won't you let me order you the 700P" I say not today. I need to think!

    So... I have to do something!

    I have lots of purchased software for the OS and I was certain they wouldn't run on Windows Mobile!

    What should I do?

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    I thought Verizon had the 755? Thats palm OS
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    I also have Verizon, and had an enV. I also carried around my Zire72. I told hubby that I wanted to converge, and wanted the 755p. When he went to 'price' them (as he was getting the 755p for my bday), the sales person tried talking him into getting me a Blackberry or 7??W, but I was insistent and ONLY wanted the 755p. I've used a Palm for over 10 years now, and did not want to switch.

    Is there another Verizon store you could go to instead? Seems like that salesperson simply wanted to make a sale, regardless of Your wants/needs. Or, how about checking online at Verizon. At least you can get some specs of the different ones that they have.

    ETA: I did end up getting the Treo 755p, and LOVE it!
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    Get a 700p or a 755p. I would get one used from ebay since I don't need to sign away any more commiment to the carrier than I have to.

    700wx IMO is on a dead end of a UI evolution path. You have to relearn the new UI and Microsoft is going to change it in the next version anyway, why bother.
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    Yes, 755 on The V is the one. It's a very nice Palm device.

    I've recently been immersed in the world of WM due to a job change and the issue of a Samsung i760. While WM is certianly capable and the Outlook integration worth the learning curve to move from Palm OS to WM, I dearly miss the 755p. I've decided to keep my Sprint 755p to carry on the weekends and whenever else I want my work phone left at home. POS is what I'm use to and I beleive it's still quite a viable platform for a smartphone today. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a new 755p right now if I needed it. Granted, POS is Apollo technology in a space shuttle world (or something like that...) but it still plain works...for me....good luck!

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