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I develop with Flash and I'm not sold on it for the iPhone. I'm hoping HTML 5 and CSS interactive reduce our dependency on proprietary Adobe-owned interactive content (or MS Silverlight or Apple QT). I also have BIG security and privacy concerns about Flash. See here:

Personally, I don't enjoy using flash on my Nokia n800, even though it's pretty full feature (support up to flash 9 I think)

You have to poke the button inside the flash twice with the stylus. There is no instant feefback so you have to guess if you poke it on target. All the drag and mouse cover action obviously is very hard to perform without a real mouse.

And 95% of the flash are just annoying ad I ended up disabling it unless I wanted to check out a flash video. To be frank, I didn't enjoy the new Nikoa OS update os2008 initially because it add more flash support at the cost of overall OS responsiveness. But the latest firmware update fixed most of the problems.