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    Originally posted by mikedemo

    I recently saw a PDA user with a M505. Her display was brighter than the one I previously owned. Not bad I thought to myself. Still not bright enough for my taste but it was better. If Palm had put a hires screen in the M505, I would have kept it even without the mp3 player. (Oh thats a 610 eh?)

    Enjoy your M505. It's better than I first thought.
    Thanks for the update MD. I talked to a Palm cust service manager a few days ago at length. They are approaching a backorder situation with the 505's now, so they are pretty tight-fisted about replacing units within the usual 14-day period.

    I found out two things from her. 1) Staples, as an authorized Palm reseller, is required to honor a 30-day return period. 2) In 4-6 weeks, they will be receiving their second major batch of 505s since they were introduced. I am hoping that the screen on those guys will be better than "Generation A".

    I am holding one now that has a pretty good screen. I does not have the blue-green tint that most units have. The lower right hand corner is darker than the rest of the screen, but it is brighter overall.

    Definitely a love-hate relationship.
    That IS a Palm III form-factor in my pocket, AND I'm happy to see you.
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    I'm amazed at how excited cnet is about the iPaq 3650, constantly reporting that it is superior to all Palm devices and seemingly all other CE devices. Any thoughts?

    I'm currently a Deluxe owner and was considering the Prism - now I wonder about the iPaq even though it is not as expandable (lack of expansion module capability and such...) and doesn't seem to have as much in the way of wireless modem connectivity options.
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    Yea, I totally agree with you, CNET seems to be VERY biases towards the iPAQ. They bad mouthed the new clie, and m505, as well as units OTHER THAN, the iPAQ. The iPAQ is a great machine for those handful of people. First of all, its for people who've got 1+ grand to blow on a handheld. Not many fall into that category. Second, it's for people who have a lot of time on their hand, my friend has exchanged his iPAQ literally 10, 12 times with Compaq for dust reasons, etc. The iPAQ is a good device, not great. At least by my standards. I used it for about a week, and I hate the PPC PDA apps. Its slow, complicated, and bloated. The MP3 player is just okay...The OS itself is just terrible, I don't know why people like PPC! The entire handheld is just almost useless to me. I love palm, and the number of good apps it has. I also love the diamond mako, it has a great "Office" suite of software. Thus, my setup is the Sony Clie, with the diamond mako mainly for word processing and viewing documents. Handspring is a great company, but you may also want to consider Sony. The iPAQ is a great piece of hardware, bad software, but you should still try it out, and see if it's for you. Good luck! Hope this helps!!!


    BTW, the iPAQ HAD richochet service, until this past wednesday, and OmniSky WILL be coming out with service for the iPAQ soon.
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    I don't have very high opinions of reviews from ZD- or CNet. They are either too lazy or too "bought" to go in depth on issues with any unit they review, Palm or CE. For example, reviews from both services ignored 505 screen issues.
    That IS a Palm III form-factor in my pocket, AND I'm happy to see you.
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