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    i now have it for about a month i guess. and what can i say - i am impressed, utterly impressed with it. it looks good, feels good and also works good.

    ok, its a bit slow, but its a hard worker and i have been cramming it with so much new stuff. very soon i can expect an os update to wm 6.1, which i can get right now if i am impatient, because there are lots of crazy hackers extracting roms and modifying them etc etc. just like it used to be with our palm software in the good old days.

    when i get homesick, i do use styletaps and use some palm programs. but this is getting more and more seldom, as this windows mobile world is buzzing with so much to try out. my treo 650 now resides by my bed and sometimes i mercifully pick it up and play a game of scrabble or so. i am not walking around with two gadgets any more. the kaiser does more than what 2 treos might be able to do.

    fast gps, wifi, loads different types of browsers, high speed bluetooth. name it, all the things that we have been dreaming of can be enjoyed at last.

    some downsides:
    - the keyboard might be larger than the treo, but the treo is a lot more comfy
    - the screen of course
    - no hard switch to silence the device
    - no infra red ( i somehow miss it, but not any practical reasons)
    - everybody around me wants to play around with it, i do get a bit worried.
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    Thanks for the followup! I'm looking forward to a list of thing myself, I'll see how practical they are:

    WiFi access point for the laptop (No bluetooth in the laptop that runs 4+ hours)

    Realistic VPN into work to check email and IM

    Maybe do work IM *on* device.... I'll try it, see how it works out.

    ssh into my servers forever!

    High speed data for reliable audio streaming, even try videos I guess

    I had more, but it's early and my coffee cup isn't yet empty.

    Good to hear you're happy with the switch. I was afraid I wouldn't be, but looking at the ebay prices and yours and other threads, I think it'll work out, one way or the other ;-)
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