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    From e-mail E&B just sent me:
    Dear Sony Clie n710c owner:

    We are sorry it took a couple of day longer to release these new cases for
    the Sony Clie n710c. We hope you like them.

    You expressed an interest in a case for this new machine. We have released
    our new Slipper 710 and Slipper 710 w/clip designed specifically for the
    Sony Clie n710c.

    We have incorporated many of the features suggested in your emails. Some of
    the key features include:

    a.. Ability to hot-sync the Sony in the case
    b.. Protected hot sync port
    c.. 2 pockets to store memory modules
    d.. Slim design
    e.. All buttons and keys accessible
    f.. 1 pocket for business cards
    g.. 1 pocket for picture id
    h.. Magnetic closure*
    i.. and a case with belt clip.
    We designed the case to add as little as possible to the dimension of the
    Sony Clie n710c.
    This consideration was applied to every aspect of the design, including the
    extra 2 pockets provided for the memory modules.

    *Please note: Magnetic closures are great, but magnets and credit cards do
    not go well together. We thus, strongly recommend not to place credit cards
    and any other magnetic sensitive media in this case.

    We are accepting advanced orders and expect to begin shipping these cases
    around 6/30/01.

    For more product details please access this link:

    Thank you for your interest in our products and all the feedback provided.

    Kind Regards,

    Mike Enkerlin
    E&B Company
    Tel: 858-385-1976 x104
    Fax: 858-385-1971
    Jeff Meyer

    "And he died like he lived: with his mouth wide open."
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    Nice Case, I have the one for the Vdx and like it very much.
    Mine would be better with magnetic closures instead of velcro.
    E&B apperantly listened to the customers and created a better case now...

    All I need is a million $ so I can switch to a clie now
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