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    Right now I have a Treo 650. I can't really complain about it at all. It does mess-up some times, but overall I think it is a good phone.

    The main things that I would like my next phone to have is GPS and Wifi.

    The main thing I don't like about the Treo is the Blazer Web Browser. It doesn't read web pages well at all.

    I've been looking at 3 different phones:
    Blackberry Curve
    Palm Centro
    Samsung Blackjack 2

    My wife has the Blackberry Curve. And realistically I think this is the one that I will get. It has Wifi and it will install Google Maps 2.0, which has a sort works like GPS - it picks up which cell tower you are nearest and it shows you where you are, and it will follow you as you are driving. I can't get this version of Google Maps to install on the Treo, I assume it is because that version won't work with the Palm OS.

    The Treo Centro I looked up on Palm's website, and while it looks really cool, I can't see any features that this phone has that the 650 doesn't. It doesn't really seem to be all that advanced from the 650.

    The BlackJack 2 has true built-in GPS and all the trimmings. However, it runs on a Windows OS and I am not crazy about Windows at all, especially on a phone. Plus this one is more expensive than the others, which isn't a huge deal, but I am not sure there is much advantage over the Blackberry.

    Anyone have any opinions?
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    If WiFi and GPS are that important, then the Centro's out.
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    I'd suggest the BlackJack II.

    I ruled out the BBerry because of the extra cost to access email. The Centro was not available so I took a chance with the BJII. Moving from a 750 I was a little aprehensive but after using the BJII for a month now, I wish I had made the move sooner.
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    I have used every Treo that Sprint has sold over the years and recently moved from a 755p to a Centro. The Centro is by far the most rock solid and stable Treo I have ever used. I have also tried two WimMobile devices, a 700wx and a HTC Touch. I loved the hardware of the Touch but found myself needing and wanting to go back to my Treo.

    I cant speak for the BB or BJII, but will give a big thumbs up for the Centro.
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    How about the AT&T Tilt? It will give you WIFI and GPS, and the latest Opera 9.5 beta is as good as the iPhone safari browser.


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