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    I've been searching the discussion boards looking for an answer regarding the use of Blackberry Connect on the Treo and couldn't get any hits on my question, so I would like to pose a few of these basic questions here.

    I've been a dedicated Palm OS user for 7 or 8 years, first with the Sony PEG-360 and more recently the Palm E2. I am now ready to take the plunge into the world of converged devices but I am limited by my company only supporting Blackberry for corporate wireless e-mail. I would rather stay with the Palm OS if at all possible.

    In searching out my options, I have come to learn that with AT&T/Cingular, I can get a Treo 680 in combination with Blackberry Connect. So my first question would be if anyone has real life experience with that combination? Does Blackberry Connect actually work?

    I am now more than a little intrigued with the Centro. I've read that the Centro is basically a Treo 680 in a smaller form-factor. If that's correct, would Blackberry Connect be compatible with the Centro? The folks in my local AT&T store are sorely lacking in any knowledge about their product line so I am reaching out to the TreoCentral community with what I hope will be some sound advise.
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    I have an AT&T Treo 680 and use the Blackberry Connect software. It works fine for me. I am having some issues with Time Zones in the calendar function right now, but am still trying to get that straightened out. The e-mail function works perfectly, the calendar is also wirelessly synced and there is no way to separate it out. You get e-mail and calendar wireless sync with BBC. You should also know that BBC only works with Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) and WILL NOT WORK with Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) - very important point to consider.

    It is also my understanding that AT&T (or Palm for that matter) is no longer supporting Blackberry Connect. I am not sure if the new Treo 680's that you purchase from AT&T will support BBC or not. I do know that I have not been able to apply the latest software update from AT&T for the 680 because if I do my BBC software will no longer function.

    I do not have experience with the Centro and whether BBC will run on that platform or not.

    Hope this helps.

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