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    i have a 700wx. I can't stand the fact that i can't use voice command w/o speaking into the phone's microphone.

    i am looking for an upgrade for sprint only.

    I like the touchscreen (especially for resco defender), stability (wm preferred). WOuld like a better camera and be able to use it internationally (eur)

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    I was in the same boat.. My 700wx would lose the databases contacts etc... it was just junk...

    I got an HTC touch and man.. its like night and day

    When I pick up the treo and look at it, itsl ike a relic after 2 days,

    The touch has double the RAM too and movesl ightnign fast.. It doesnt have those quirky palm errors or lockouts..

    The bluetoioth is rock solid.. windows 6 is great...

    If you can go witout ak eyboard (there are a lot of 3rd party ones out there and the one it comes with isnt bad it takes some time to get used to it) come get a touch.. the sprint users dot com forum has a lot of info.. I read over what people said and it seemebed like the better choice than the blackberry!!

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