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    I'm probably going to jinx myself but I've just gotta say that since moving from the Treo 750 to the BlackJack II, I haven't had a single phone lock-up issue. No resets. Notta one!

    I first thought I'd miss the touch screen but after the first few days, I don't miss it at all.

    I did miss the customization of the today screen but Facade has help ease that post-partum depression.

    But what amazes me is how stable WM Standard is. Nothing against Pro and it's instability is likely due to it's capability but I haven't had a single operating system headache since moving to the BJII.

    Now that I've said this, I expect my phone to begin locking up every other day for the next month......
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    I always thought WM Standard was more stable than Pro, and in part because the power levels are less complicated (WM Standard for example never actually suspends, the screen just goes dark, whereas WM Pro actually suspends mostly when you press the off button).


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