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    Is anyone (with Clie 710 that is) getting skips in their mp3 playback and or general problems getting the Clie to read off the Memory stick? Once in awhile I get this and the beginnings of songs would skip now and then and even once in awhile stop all together with me not being able to play anything at all. I think it may be a problems with the actual audio application (maybe THAT should be updated). I found that resetting usually helps but I don't like that being the fix. Oh well. Anyone finding probs with their mp3's? So far, that's my only main feature prob.
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    It could be that your MP3s aren't encoded entirely properly, my car MP3 player does this sometimes.
    Matt Nichols
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    I have no problems, but i thought mp3's werent supposed to skip? Could it be that sony could not incorporate that in the handheld?
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    Originally posted by shockwave869
    I have no problems, but i thought mp3's werent supposed to skip? Could it be that sony could not incorporate that in the handheld?
    Its not actual skipping, most likely its a problem with the MP3 player decoding the file because something happened when you encoded it and/or your encoder doesn't do it properly. When it gets to the point in the file it stumbles on it, some MP3 players seem to handle this better than others - my PC & Rio 500 handle these fine usually but my car's stereo doesn't.
    Matt Nichols
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    Do you think it could be a bitrate issue? I have was using SoundJam MP on the mac which is one of the best. It worked fine with that and under Quicktime Player. Either way, what bitrate are you using for your Rio and Clie? I think I used 96kbs.

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    I use 96kb also, I think maybe it has to do with multitasking while the MP3 is encoding...I'm still not quite sure what causes it but most of the people I know who own the same car stereo as me have fingered this as the problem.
    Matt Nichols
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    Thus far I've only had trouble with MP3's when multitasking on playback, if one of the other apps I'm using hangs.
    I've not had problems with files I've encoded while MT'ing, but I haven't worked with processor-intensive stuff (Photoshop, etc) while encoding either.
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    I rarely get skipping on my Clie. Make sure you've encoded them properly. I've found 96kb to be the best setting. You'll get near cd quality and a smaller file size. The only time I've had skipping while multi-tasking is with 128kb and higher encoded files. But again its very, very rare.

    Some of my friends use MP3 Trim. Which repairs MP3s so that they can be played by the CLIE N710C.

    Read up on it here

    Even though the N710c doesn't have the ability to adjust the treble, bass as well as EQ (which is what the SoundsGood AudioPlayer Springboard can) I'm still very happy with its performance of the Clie MP3 player so far.
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    I've had MP3 files skip on my Soundsgood springboard once or twice, so I agree it's not necessarilly a Clie problem - more likely a problem with the file itself.

    Which is too bad. I keep looking for a reason to hate the Clie, because I'm not going to buy one in the near future (can't justify replacing an almost-new Prism), even though I really want one.
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    I agree that the problem are the files themselves. This afternoon I was trying to cause skipping by running some video clips that were stored on the same MemoryStick as were the mp3s and it played flawlessly
    It's all about how you spend the money.

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