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    The iPhone / iPod touch 'Notes' does not sync..!...?

    What the.....?
    Now there's a useless tool.

    I have been trying different ways to get my MEMOS from palm into the iPhone/Touch organized cleanly.
    I can get them into CONTACTS but they are truncated.
    Any ideas on to sync your Palm MEMOS into the iPhone easily?

    There is no bigger Mac lover than I.
    But until the SDK kit allows for 3rd party fixes such as the ability to make notes, sync them, how bout a search function, or cut and paste!!!!
    I have to stick with my TREO.
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    Try Google Docs. I transfered mine one by one but I only had a few I wanted to keep.
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    I did some Google docs but my Memos have to be brought over one at a time.
    I have thousands of Memos.
    Yes, I need to keep them.

    I am just searching for a way to bring over my Memos.
    If you import them into Contacts, the first line of each one says NO NAME.

    I have been working with a good friend who's a 'Mac Genius' and he says there's no good way right now.

    Anyone here know of a way to bring you PALM MEMOS in to the iPhone/iTouch?

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    If you have an IMAP email account (e.g. gmail), just store all of your notes in folder within the email program. (If you have thousands of memos, you can also create multiple folders.) You will also have access on your desktop computer and elsewhere.
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    The macnotetaker program helped me on the treo 600. It syncs palm memos to plain text files in nested folders on the mac hard drive. Maybe after that you can put the folders on a server (maybe idisk?) you can see on your iphone. Maybe this works, I don't know?
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    I purchased Missing Sync for iPhone for $40 only to find out that it only syncs your notes on the iphone to your mac. One way sync.

    I still can't get my Palm Memos (in catagories) onto my iPhone.

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    I recently downloaded Readdle ( to my iphone from the App site on itunes. It is very close to what I was looking for. The down side is you have to upload memos one at a time to the internet and then download them to the iphone. The up side is that you can place the memos into categories like on the palm. Also, memos cannot be edited on the iphone, only viewed. Memos can be edited online, though, then re-downloaded to the iphone. It's not perfect, but I have over 1000 memos that I use frequently, and now I can use my iphone to access them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HAND WOUND TREO View Post

    I still can't get my Palm Memos (in catagories) onto my iPhone.
    THats what you get for going to the dark side!! haha!

    but seriously, i am sorry man. just reading all these tips to get the memos onto the iPhone is painful, much more having to do it. I have almost 800 memos myself.

    I really do hope you find an easy way, thru an app that we all dont know yet.

    But this underlines just how much functional the Treo is in terms of BASIC smartphone stuff. cut-paste, memos, tasks at one point (i think this has been solved though), short cuts to certain apps or functions (you still have to do the flick and point thing), typing... so i am sticking to my beloved Treo
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    I'm the coauthor of an iPhone app called Notespark, which syncs to a web app of the same name ( We recently implemented import from Palm Desktop (mac/win) and while it's still in beta, we think we've shaken all the bugs out by now.

    I think we're not the only 3rd party iPhone app that can import from Palm Desktop at this point, but we've worked pretty hard on making it easy and robust.
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    See earlier post from co-developer of an iPhone app called Notespark for background, then see my iphone review of this app that I posted today:
    I just finished setting up my notes using this App and! It transferred my Palm Memos to the iPhone in a relatively easy way and it seems to be working perfectly now, and I really like the user interface online and on the iphone. I had just ended a phone call with Apple's expert tech support, who was very nice and quite knowledgeable about a lot of things....but not this. After thoroughly searching resources available to her she came up with very little. So I Googled and found a chat thread where one of this app's co-developers made a comment in a string of people having trouble converting palm memos to iphone. That led me to try this app and it works GREAT! I love how it quickly/automatically syncs every time you use it, and I also like the feature where you can share a note (editable separately by each shared user without messing it up for others). I use the share feature to share gift ideas notes for each of my family members. Example: my wife can just update, using her iphone or computer, our shared note of gift ideas for her whenever she thinks of something, it autosync's with my iphone, and then I always have an uptodate gift idea list for her - yay! Could share grocery list (so if I notice we're out of something that my wife thought we still had...I add it to the note, then when she goes to the store she pulls up that note and it has whatever I added!)
    One CAUTION: It's not very "secure" (saves your memos in webspace, though it does use https) - so I am not saving SSN's/passwords using this app yet.
    One TIP: My first attempt at export/importing didn't work great, only got titles of the memos but no body. Then I discovered on my mac, using Palm Desktop, during the export process when selecting the file name to save the exported file, there's a button you can click that says "Columns". I clicked that and it showed me which columns correspond to title, body, date, etc. I had previously just looked at the columns and assumed the one on the far left was 1, then moving right to 2, etc, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Using the info I got from clicking "columns" to answer the easy questions that Notespark asks you during import...gave me accurate importing. THANK YOU NOTESPARK!
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    I use an iPod Touch. Will the notes in Notespark be resident on my iPod, or will I have to have wireless access to see them?

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