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    Just out of curiosity, what features do people find as being absolute on their mobile device (smart phone, dumb phone, etc)?

    I realize that this list would be rather organic in nature as technology grows. I'm just curious what others find as an absolute necessity (and maybe even why).
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    Make phone calls?

    This is obviously more about personal needs, but if it had to be my primary device it needs 3G, a keyboard and 3rd party apps, and the ability to tether.

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    Multi tasking 755p w/ GPS.
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    Guess it would be courteous to answer my own question ehh?

    I definitely have to say 3rd party apps (one of the reasons I love my phone so much, I keep coming across new apps even today for my 650 to benefit me greatly), Blue Tooth & SD card support (which keeps me from needing an mp3 player) and probably the full keyboard.
    No problem should ever be solved twice.

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    Reliable, quality phone reception.
    Ability to sync with Outlook for Contacts, Calendar, tasks, etc.
    Full keyboard
    Comfortable, thin form factor

    Things that I have grown accustom to that would be nice but not absolute...

    Internet Access
    GPS (really neat feature of the BJII)

    Things I could live without and actually would like to see go away to cut costs of phone....

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    Besides the phone working, second would be ability to get email for all my accounts. Next would be internet with 3rd party aps next.
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    I'm with perry. multitasking treo 755p with some form of gps
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    I'm assuming you mean smartphone devices. So here's my list:
    Rock-solid calling
    Threaded SMS
    Dedicated keyboard
    Voice commanded dialing
    Playback of all media
    Usable, real web browser

    Those are the core features. Everything else is gravy.
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    There are two main things I look for that weigh the most when buying a phone, hardware features and carrier plan / coverage / pricing.

    Must Have Hardware Features:
    • Hardwarew QWERTY keyboard
    • Reliable calls (no drops)
    • RAM Memory (I do a lot of multi-tasking)
    • WiFi (I do not use it all the time, but sometimes need it in remote areas)
    • Reliable BT headset quality
    • EVDO Rev A

    Highly preferred Hardware Features:
    • Internal GPS (but BT is an easy backup
    • Larger the screen the better, to a point, because I read spreadsheets / PDFs / use GPS / remote control my work computer.

    Since I travel a lot to very rural areas in OR / WA / ID / WY for work I have to look at carrier coverage and pricing for roaming. In my neck of the woods this has meant Sprint since 1998. I check to see if there is a better deal every time my contract comes up, but (not due to any loyality whatsoever) I keep on signing another contract with Sprint.

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