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    Just wondering because All my items from my prism is for some reason taking up TONS of mem on the Clie.. (I have less available). So, I need to 1. Look for and delete unnecessary items. 2. Figure out if I can use the memory stick for an additional 8+ megs of storage.

    Any help appreciated.
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    I believe the information you are looking for is touched on in this review.

    Clie Review

    Here is part of the review:

    Most people will be wondering if you can run applications directly from Memory Sticks. Well, no, right out of the box you can't. But you do have a couple solutions. There are 2 applications that come with the Clié that help you manage your Memory Stick memory. One is called MS Gate. This program is a file manager that allows you to copy, move and delete files from internal memory and on the Memory Stick. So, if you wanted to run a program that was stored on the Memory Stick, you could use this program to copy it to internal memory so that you could launch it. Not the best solution I'll admit. Another way to run a program from the stick is to use the app called MSAutorun. This app looks almost identical to MS Gate, but its purpose is to let you pick an application to run when you insert a Memory Stick. It will copy the file off the stick and into PDA memory and launch it. Again, this isn't the best solution, but it is more automatic than the previous one. The last method is a 3rd party application called MSMount that will let you actually run applications from the Memory Stick without having to copy them to the internal memory. This is the better method and I am really disappointed that Sony didn't include such an feature with the Clié.

    Good luck.
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    How is MSMount? I looked at PalmGear and couldn't find it there. If you are looking for it, click here Has anyone else used anything besides MSMount McFile combo? And does this combo work well? I will be trying this out later on tonight. Man, these Palms nowadays should really start shipping with at least 16mb of RAM!! I can't believe I only have like 300k left (after deleting some stuff!) and I still want to upgrade my datebook to dbk4!!! Sigh!!
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    Originally posted by MikeD
    Man, these Palms nowadays should really start shipping with at least 16mb of RAM!!
    YUP, YUP, YUP!

    It sure would be nice to have the 16mb AND a free slot instead of having it taken up by the 'necessary' memplug.
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