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    When for sprint??
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    Nothing but rumors on the date so far. I've seen anything from March 8 to June. Trying to be patient...but it's getting more difficult. At least it's something to look forward to while I carry two devices.
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    My wife couldn't wait anymore for the Curve on Sprint. She and me being sick of dropping calls at home and north of us is the reason I changed to at&t. I put up with the dropped calls because of the savings with Sprint but moved more so becasue my wife wanted the Curve and now its possibly comming soon to CDMA...anyways, I am so happy with my BJ II and at&t network.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo View Post
    When for sprint??
    Told you it was comming treoneo. May not be specific to which CDMA carriere on the link but you know Sprint will fallow up with this one after the Pearl.
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    Talked to a sprint rep they are saying March/April time frame. We should see a date soon keep on eye on boygeniusreport and engadget they get the dates first.

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    How about Verizon?
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    I heard April 16th for the Curve to Sprint
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    The only reason I would get the curve from Sprint rather than other GSM carrier is the 3G. T-Mobile has various Curve at amazing price. But data speed is my first thing to consider.
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    new pics of the Blackberry Curve 8330 for Sprint..........
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